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    aw -
    Just got a voice mail asking me to call this number (sept 19, 2017), even had it half dialed and hung up. goodled it and found this site, glad i did, thank you all. i reported the call to chase and the guy said they have been getting blasted with people calling over it lately. can't for the life of...
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    Joe -
    Collection agency. Someone probably used our number for reference since we never had such item. Classifying this as wrong-number given.
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    Troy -
    I received a call around 8pm aswell. After proceeding to call the rep a [***]-stick with absolutley horrible listening skills, she promptly hung up. I havt not received any additional calls.
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    annoyed -
    they called at 9:30 pm. That's ridiculous! No message left. Received many calls from this caller.
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    John -
    K design
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    Pam -
    I received a letter from National Financial Benefits Group on 11/8/16. It said "The purpose of this letter is to advise you that in order to provide you with the information concerning the tax-advantaged retirement benefits that are currently available to California nurses, the following information...
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    Mike -
    Wondering who is that.
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    Erin -
    Need to find out who it is.
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    Ann -
    Same exact people I dealt with. Lara Fabini.
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    Ira -
    Did not leave any message.
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    Mary -
    they do not identify themselves.... and want me to call them back --????
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    Bob -
    This is what i found as of 2016: Voya has retained Barclays Capital Inc., Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. as the Dealer Managers. D. F. King & Co., Inc. is the Information Agent and Tender Agent. For additional information regarding the terms of the tender offer,...
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    RI -
    Non Stop calls from Spectrum/Time Warner...Unanswered/Unwanted
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    Trudeau / Syrian Scam -
    It's Mr. Trudeau and his pet rat's the Syrian that he just had to have Just like his pot head mommy. The low life Syrian are getting free car's, free gas, free cell phone's, free money, free rent too. Trudeau and his rat's and pot head mommy can all back with the Syrian. The war is over so back they...
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    Kristina -
    They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.

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