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    Jill -
    Received several calls from other numbers (among them 646-802-3800 and 936-564-1289) telling us to call back this # 855-314-9875 b/c our I Cloud had been breached.
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    JR -
    Called saying they were going to shut down my gas (which I don't pay for at my space) and needed to put $395 on two separate pre-paid cards at a CVS. Big time scam people
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    Andrew Zepf -
    Supposed message from Microsoft regarding a virus - this was the number to call
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    JC -
    Received call from Las Vegas number (702) 359-4479. I didn't answer went to vm. Left the following message "Notification regarding your AT&T services please call me back to verify your savings eligibility _ _⁠_⁠_ DirecTV service is at 1-855-827-0944…”
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    Sandra -
    Just wondering who is calling
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    Lou -
    Recieved a call from 855-798-1392.
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    Jen -
    Manitoba Hydro Affordable Housing Initiative
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    Pam -
    Just called me. No message.
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    Morgan -
    Called my unpublished home number.
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    George -
    Keeps calling leaving no messages.
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    D -
    Received a call from 855-556-7827, claiming to be my mortgage lender and offering to refi my house.
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    Rachel -
    got a disconnected call when answered
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    Lee -
    Called, but did not respond after I said hello, even though I waited a while before hanging up.
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    FedUpFanny -
    At 9:00 a.m. two days in a row I received a recorded call from a Restricted number. Fast talking woman said to call back 855 209 8660. In calling back she asked for a family member by name who did not live anywhere near me. She asked if I knew the person and how. In relating that said person was my...
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    Pat -
    Thank you for the info guys! I had same problem when I tried calling 855-449-8747 to cancel and get total refund. I wasn't able to talk with a real human being so I was very happy to read what others had said about calling Synapse. I am going to get a total refund of $61 but at first "Teddy" said I...

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