Country: USA
972 area code: Texas (Carrollton, Dallas, Garland)
Report a phone call from 972-934-0111 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    I work here.
    85% of the time we deal with background checking information for jobs, references, or education verifications. The only reason why we would call you is if your number was listed as a contact source for someone you know.
    The other 15%: There is also another department here that calls for life insurance purposes, meaning that if you applied for life insurance, that department will call and ask you questions regarding your eligibility for the life insurance policy.

    Don't be rude! Someone that you know's job depends on you!
    • Caller: GIS - General Information Services
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    GIS calling to complete a background check as I recently applied to sell Federal Life insurance products.
    • Caller: GIS
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    Monique Davis replies to Employee
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    Stop being rude to people and learn courtesy as well as English then maybe someone will talk to you prying [***].  And Stop calling my [***] job idot!
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    Just wanted to say that this number is legit.  I was used as a reference for a friend & I didnt know it. I came to this site and saw the first comment & decided I better call the number.

    I am glad that I called it. Now I hope my friend gets the job!!
    • Caller: Unknow name conducting backround checks for employment
    • Call type: Survey
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    Keep calling and leaving a voicemail talking so dam fast I'm not bothering to call back and say you have the wrong dam number because I can't understand who your asking about and from what I do understand don't think i know them. What the hell they think people answer their phones with pen & paper in hand!
    • Caller: Backround Company
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    P castillo
    Call by unknown number to my phone.  I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message.
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    Kelly replies to Monique Davis
    You're probably someone who owes a lot of bills to collection agencies and are paranoid.
    Good luck with your poor anger management skills.
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    I received 7 calls from this number between 6am-7am. Our business does not open until 9am. Every time they called they would hang up after I answered the phone. I called them back 9 times in a row and the woman repeatedly hung up on me every time I asked speak to a supervisor. I do not care what GIS' purpose is, they are hiring some I'll equipped people with some very poor to nonexistent professionalism. Perhaps they should screen their employees a bit more thoroughly. Better yet, listen in on the phone calls. Ridiculous behavior.
    • Caller: GIS
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    Mo replies to Monique Davis
    Are these people trained to be rude? There is a very thin line between being aggressively persuasive vs. rude.  I agree. I thought it was against the law to call our jobs with BS. I will not answer any questions ESPECIALLY if you call for ME; then you need to have ALL THE FACTS.
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    Bill replies to Employee
    This is a legitimate number, but since you work for the company, I have a simple question.   We don't do employment verification over the phone.   We leave clear instructions to email for fax these requests, yet people still leave messages asking us to call them back.   Can your employees please listen to the message and comply with our procedures?  Thanks...
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    When you're calling a company and you're asking a million and one questions regarding employees that no longer exist especially after 20 years, it's a little suspect. Also when you call asking the company what other kind of verification companies do we use, then we hang up. Our employee information is private and is not given out easily.
    • Caller: GIS
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Dennis replies to Employee
    You all have a nasty habit of calling repeatedly after your call is rejected.  Some people, like me, work at night and have to sleep during the day.  Do you have any idea have it feels to have your sleep interrupted by a phone call from an incessantly over zealous background investigator?  Probably not.  Go ahead, keep calling me.  I'll keep blocking the numbers you're using.
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    I did not answer the call, but the caller left a message. She said she was calling to remind me about a health screening appointment (flu shot) set up by my employer.
    • Call type: Event reminder

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