Country: USA
954 area code: Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood)
Report a phone call from 954-735-0681 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    this is an insurance company. it called me for an interview bc it saw my resume on career builder but they definately left a message and told me exactly who they were. dont know if that helps...
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    cathy replies to shaniqua
    SHANIQUA: Did you go to the interview? And I wanted to know if this was a legit company or just another online scam?
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    This is American Income Life.  They ask me for an interview and I called back to decline.  The HR person was not professional and was very sketchy about the jobs and the interview.  All she wanted was me to commit to the interview and give me directions on how to get there.  When anyone tells you to dress professionally this is a flag to me.  If I am looking and interviewing for a job I will dress professionally, I do not need to be told to dress this way
    • Caller: American Income Life
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    Mandy replies to Ashley
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    I just received an email asking me to call this number.  I know someone who went to a bogus interview someplace.  The office was in a building that looked unused.  There was only the receptionist & the person doing the interviewing.  
    If this is all a scam, what is the reason for the scam?  What do they get?  Besides preying on people who are really looking for a decent job.

    Has anyone called and actually gone to an interview?
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    I went to something like this last year.
    It was a PRESENTATION for maybe 20 people.
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    Dexter Harris replies to Ashley
    Got the call and scheduled the interview. I need a job.
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    Susan replies to Mandy
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    Hi Mandy
    I just got a call from them to go for an interview
    Is this real or scam?, whatr do u think?
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    Dale replies to Ashley
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    hmmm. interesting... They just called me and I got that msg as well
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    I just got a call today from Maggie professing to be in Human Resources for Williams Zophin Company.  She found my Resume on line and said I would be perfect for a sales position with their company.  I don't know what she bases this on since I have been in law for 36 years; no sales.  She wanted to schedule an interview tomorrow morning but I told her I was busy the next two weeks with dr. appts. and already scheduled interviews.  I wanted time to research this company as it just did not sound right to me.  Can anyone who went on an actual interview give me imput on what happened?  I see one guy talked about a presentation with 20 people in the room.   I get emails from AFLAC and Prudential also looking for people to sell insurance and I went to a job fair with hundreds of applicants and only 5 employers; two of whom were life ins. cos.  Can someone help???  Better Business Bureau has no record in Florida or nationally of Williams Zophin Company.
    • Caller: Williams Zophin Company
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    PurEssence50 replies to Suzie
    I also received a call from Williams & Zophin for an interview on tomorrow. The HR representative  started out saying that they found my resume online with Monter.com. and to dress professionally. After speaking with them, I went online to look them up and they came up online as American Income Life, which is listed with the BBB. Their file was opened in 2001. I hope this helps.
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    Steven R.
    Yep........Cattle call for life insurance salespeople for what is most likely a multi-level financial company. Pretty smart from their end, when you think about it. I had them confirm what the position was before the interview started just to make sure. Then left as it was not what was represented, or what I was interested in. I was told they were looking for an administrator to handle benefit packages for their employees. Not really....
    • Caller: Williams-Zophin Company
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    job seeker
    Kind of like head hunter but not real. Got same call today .after checking out it smelled fishy. They said they were looking for someone who fit my profile? Very unprofessional couldn't gibe me info on company.
    I called back to decline.. was informed they already crossed my name off the list cuz I didn't seem that interested. Beware this is a scam to get as many as they can .if u r into selling life insurance then it might be for you.
    • Caller: willuam zophin
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    I got a call this morning from: 954-513-4472, Mr. Anderson - Williams Zophin Co. the caller said he was calling from the headquarters and could not give me exact directions to the location in Miami Lakes and did not know what land marks are in the area to guide me there - to the interview. He said the position is for a Benefits Director. Saw my resume online. I am certified medical coder. Looking for jobs in my field online. Why would my qualificaitons be good for this position? He did ask me to dress professionally.........I read the other comments - I agree - sounds fishy to me.
    • Caller: Williams Zophin Co.
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    katie replies to Lisa
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    I too just received a call from 954-513-4472 from a Mr. Anderson from "Williams-Zophin Co." He gave me a full description of the job titled Benefits Director. Said their company provided benefits to local labor unions. He gave me the full street address in Miami Lakes, told me that the attire was business professional, gave me te interviewer's name, Mr. Noel, and phone number of 786-207-4374. I scheduled an interview for tomorrow.

    Now that I have read everyone's comments, maybe this is not a good idea?

    I would appreciate any feedback from anyone else that went to an interview. Thanks.
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    brian replies to katie
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    I received the same phone call today from the same person with the same exact description for the job in the same location. And from the same phone number.   Has anyone actally gone to an interview with these people?
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    Luv24 replies to brian
    i receive the same call today with the same description telling me to dress proffesional and she gave me a number to call back i just call the number was incorrect. i think its scam. dont go
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    I once applied for a job with a mutual fund company and interviewed with someone who had no idea how to interview.  Nonetheless i was offered the job as well as every other person that walked in the door.  The office was a hole in the wall where the manager told the new sales people to tell potential clients to meet them at a public location and not their office.  In other words, pretend to be prestigious over the phone and don't let the customers know that you basically work in a cold-calling sweatshop without any windows and no real offices for their agents.  They put callers on "hold" by pulling out the wire to the handset.  I paid to get a Series 6 license to sell their mutual funds which i was advised to sell to my family and friends first as they will be easier friendly potential clients.  And then sell to the public via cold calls with a script of catch phrases like "Nobody plans to fail, they just failed to plan.". It was a pure pyramid scheme designed to put as many warm bodies on the ground to make ANY sales, which the managers got a cut of and when a sales agent sold nothing, they dont care as they werent going to pay you anything other than commissions post-sale and if you quit, same difference, hire another 10 and hopefully they each sell something to their grandparents and the managers get a cut for rubberstamping every applicant.  I dont know anything about AIL, but it sounds amazingly similar to the company i first got "hired" into for a month 25 years ago.
    • Caller: None
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    Just got a call from the same company, and I couldn't be happier that you can google a company after you speak to someone.  My interview was supposed to be with Henry Ingraham, but I had to have the person state it to me 3 times and finally spell it for me as she not only couldn't speak clearly but all the noise in the background it was hard to hear her.  Clearly I called back and stated that after I researched the company and the position I didn't feel I was a good match for them, and all I got was a gasp and she hung up.  She called from 954-513-4474
    • Caller: Williams & Zophin
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    Alice replies to katie
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    I was just left a message for the same position - benefits director.  Not calling back.
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    Swissmiss replies to Alice
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    This is crazy... I just got a call for the Benefits Director position at Williams Zophin Co. as well ~paying 40-60K per year.  They were "very interested" in my resume on Monster and needed to schedule a meeting for Thursday.  It sounded to good to be true.  Samantha told me I'll be meeting with a Henry Ingrim too.

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