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Report a phone call from 866-782-4754 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    8667824754 repeatedly calling with no answer - no one on line - no recording
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    Nikomis replies to L0sey
    I received 2 calls from this #. Call came from Acorn Stairlifts
    (I called for information, was told they would MAIL me info, and only needed my # if  a tech needed to call me for install). Then I got 2 calls before the info even arrived. They did (both) leave a VM including direct contact #s though & I called back to see why I was being called when I hadn't even gotten the info packet yet. 1-877-865-0470 was direct line given to associate (need ext, depending upon who you're trying to reach). I spoke to John (at x1274) who was very helpful regarding info I was seeking & letting me know how things worked etc, and told me to call him back once we were ready to discuss getting a lift chair so he didn't bother me by calling before I was ready.
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    Pamela Smith replies to L0sey
    I got a call from Acorn Stairlifts from this number. I have done business with them  and this number was from their service department.

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