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866 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 866-201-0940 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    1.  Stephens & Michaels are not a law firm.  They are a debt collection agency that has been under close watch by the Federal and State Governments.
    2.  Stephens & Michaels associates, Inc; is actually collateralcollections.com.  They are under Federal investigation in several states for violating the "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" or "FDCPA"

    3.  All websites pertaining to the above mentioned plaintiffs are unregistered. This means the physical location of the business and its server is unknown or unable to be verified.  This also means these websites may contain misleading information, spyware and malware in order to collect as much information from its victims as possible.  It is not recommended you visit any site pertaining to the above mentioned plaintiffs.

    4.  The above mentioned plaintiffs currently have active cases against them by the United States Federal Government in the following states:  AZ, Smith v. Stephens & Michaels associates, inc - IL, Repika v. Stephens & Michaels Associates, Inc - NY, (Western District), Hine et al v. Stephens & Michaels Associates, Inc - PA, SANCHEZ VILLALOBOS v. STEPHENS AND MICHAELS ASSOCIATES, INC - RYAN v. STEPHENS & MICHAELS ASSOCIATES, INC.  Any further information regarding these cases is protected under Federal Law.  Use your browser and serch engine to find out more information about Sephens & Michaels Associates, Inc.  Your local library or county offices will also help. In most cases, free of charge.  The "Freedom of Information Act" or "FOIA" empowers citizens of the United States to obtain a wealth of information that may help their case.  Complaining to your "Blog" will do absolutely nothing to help you.

    5.  If you feel you have been a victim by this or any other company or entity, please contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in Washington D.C.- United States or your States Attorney General’s Office.  These websites can easily be found on the internet or your local phone book.  They would be more than happy to help you with your dispute.
    • Caller: Stephens & Michaels associates, Inc
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    Received two calls stating they had very important information they needed to discuss with us.
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    Lady Di
    They keep calling me and the debt is 7 or 8 years old and the SOL has passed and I am NEVER going to pay.  The lady was a total [***] and I hung up on her.  They keep calling and I just disregard it and I have it blocked so keep on calling.  I heard they were being sued by the FTC...they are the worst of the worst.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Sam replies to Johndoe
    I do and I use much stronger language for both male and female
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    Julia Hebel
    Alw ays says it is urgent.   there is no reason for who ever to call us.  I am sick of it.  Calls off and off nearly everyday.  866-201-0940.  They say when I have answered in the past they looking for Dorthy Hebel.  She has never lived here.  She is a sister in law and lives in a nursing home in Garland.  Hardly
    knows what is going on anymore.  I don't even know which one.  I am going to turn this company in for harrassment
    • Caller: not provided
    • Call type: Event reminder
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    fake name
    they call all the time!
    1st they were automated recordings, asking to speak to a person named Laurie (and i cannot understand the last name).
    They say its urgent.
    Finally, a person called and left the same msg with an extension number.  When I called back, they didn't even ask for an extension number.  After the initial 'Offices of Stevens & Michael Associates' greeting, it got immediately answer by a guy, asking for my name.
    After giving a fake name, I requested the extension.  Got put on hold with the music in the background and then the initial caller answered "Jeffrey something".  it sounded like the same person who 1st answered.

    He asked who he was speaking to and I said 'it doesn't matter.  I just called to let u know that person is not at this phone number'.  He said ok and that was that.  He must have caller ID because he didn't ask for my ph#.
    • Caller: Stevens & Michael Assocs
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    dynomite replies to Jane Doe Agian
    These bandit mobsters have been calling me 4,5,6, times a day the bank they refer to has no knowledge of them nor any knowledge of any accounts I have with them. Thay have not given me an address or any proof of debt I HAVE TOLD THEM ON SEVERAL OCCATIONSDO NOT CALL ME AT THIS NUMBER ANYMORE. Ihave on record they are still calling my next call is to the F.T.C. I told him the Attorney Generals office is very interested in this type of scams. And thay already have his information and I would like to have some of these rich attorneys money.
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    i get calls from these people daily for my mother who has remarried ans hasnt lived here in over 20 years. she has no debt. WTF
    • Caller: stevens and micheals assoc.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Same company - Stevens and Michaels, different phone number - 866-461-1923 - same thing, just music unless you get a person.  Multiple calls per day.  Person they want is not my number!  I reached 'receptionist' who knew right away without me saying who the person was they were looking for.  Told them they had a wrong number - but the calls keep coming!
    • Caller: Stevens and Michaels
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    These very special people of this agency seem to have no scruples and feel justified and proud in the way they conduct their business. I received several calls from them on a debt that I DO OWE. Unfortunately, I became disabled 3 years ago. I am a 100% disabled vet. I receive a monthly VA compensation and Social Security payments at the ripe old age of 49. I was advised by counsel not to pay these debts. That, I have to pay myself first. My Federal income is not subject to garnishment, When I informed then of my disabilities...I was immediately harassed and called a plethora of names. It's easy, bill collectors...look up my information at the VA and Social Security and know that you will never collect from me. I have already paid, I paid dearly, well beyond the the original principle.
    • Caller: SMA
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Hey...... these people calling from INDIA, CHINA and other countries. where hundred of call centers are running for getting money by fraud from USA and UK citizens... ITS ALL SCAM...

    How it runs..........(for debt collection)

    It starts when people tries to get loan online, they fill all their personal detail on that sites and problem starts from this point. all your information is sold to collection agencies (call centers) at $4 to $6 / Person, whether you got that loan or not.

    SO what actually they (Call Centers) do...

    1. They have all of your information includes: your name, social security number, address, employment detail, 2 references and a detail of amount.( which you didn't get)

    2. For dialing purpose call center gets USA or UK numbers. they calls through various softwares (like: ICALL). And have various phone numbers.

    3.They hire college students or some people and prepare them to communicate with you. (training classes for getting a bit of American accent) and gives them fake names (American).

    4. They makes a write up for leaving message to threaten you. like:-

    "This message is intended for Mr. john (your name).  john the very second you receive this msg i need you or your retained attorney to call me back. the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. my name is ..........., and i am calling from financial accountability association, my call back no. is 123456789, i am repeating this for you john 123456789, john don't disregard this msg and call me on my number back. if i don't get any call from you or from your attorney........ wish you good luck, bye"

    5. If you pick up phones ...they will threaten you by saying... that federal govt or federal legislation  is going to pressing lawsuit against you and your social security number. and try to make you remember that you took a pay day loan and never paid it back... so it is very easy to threaten you by saying that "such company falling lawsuit against you for your unpaid loan".
    ( you don't know for which loan he/she talking about and try to remember your last 2- 3 loans (which you actually got and never paid)).  At this time you stuck in the situation.

    (according to my perception you never know "how many loan you took in last 1 or 2 year"- sorry-- joking)

    6. They will tell that you are charged against these allegations:-  1. Theft by deception 2. collateral cheque fraud

    7. They will tell u that they have sent various mails to inform you but u never replied and that was the only way to communicate you.

    8.They will ask u to write a Apologizing letter that “your intention was not bad and you never wanted to run away with that money & you want to fix that issue by paying ..... amount.”

    how to avoid them...

    1. By telling that you have an attorney (Both criminal and bankruptcy). give any number by saying "call to my attorney"... they won't call.
    2. By telling that u know : Its ALL SCAM .......... they will hung up.
    3. By telling that its not my social security number....... they will never call.
    4.By asking for the date of loan taken (online)........ they can't help you in this matter (by which u can come to know about scam)

    Don't be afraid.........

    If this detail is helpful for you please copy paste this into other pages... don't be selfish.... and save other people from being fool.

    My English is not so good.
    I am an Indian........ all Indians are not same... you can send me mail for more detail:- [email protected]

    Thanks and help people
    • Caller: call centers
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    these folks call twice daily. they try to suggest they are a real law firm and the person calling is an "investigator". they provide a "file" number in the message. yes, thank god for caller id
    • Caller: stevens and michaels
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    I get the same calls too from same number, of course it is a machine not a real person who calls. I am getting so tired of all these calls. If they are real why don't they send a bill instead of calling someone.
    • Caller: Stevens and Michaels
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    Thank you all so much for the information!!! It is so helpful!!! I keep getting harrasing calls from these SOB's it is nice to know that they are being investigated!!!
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    | 1 reply
    These people have been calling me for 3 years. I have told them that they have the wrong number. They stop for a month or so and they start again asking for a different person. They have asked for 5-6 people so far. I explained (when there was not a machine, and they let me get a word in) that I do not know these people. I have had the same phone number for 15 years. I thought these robo collection calls were supposed to stop. Do they just have sh*t for brains?
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    got a call at my  now husband's work for something from this firm....my ex-husband's debt of over 10 nyears ago!!
    • Caller: stevens and michaels
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Applejax replies to Jane Doe
    Yes they have been calling my sisters # trying to get ahold of me and call her house everyday, I called and didnt get an answer back, will be calling tomorrow and not going to be a very nice call. I will report them as well!
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    Jesse from Stephens and Michaels called this morning and asked for my husband. I said he's not here and she sounded surprised. Then asked me to have him call her I said sure and then hung up. These are pond scum and there is no way in H that I would give them any information. I learned a long time ago never to give out my husband's work number. I always say I will have him call you. The SOL is in play here so I am not worried about being sued.
    • Caller: Stephens and Michaels
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Anniem replies to anny
    If you pay one thinble they will start the clock all over again and it will take seven more years for it to come off the credit report. Also unless stated other wise they will turn the rest owed over to the IRS and then you have to pay extra on taxes. Just let them go fly.
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    Anniem replies to GetEven
    I like this idea. I recorded the gal that called then called them back and played the recording. If one is a professional number one when they call they would ask for a specific person. Two they would identify themselves and the company they work for not hello Annie how are you doing like were old friends. Three they would state the reason for the call and ask if we can work the problem out. The debt collection letters sent through the mail look like junk mail and most probably end up in the trash can because they do not look professional. These people are the scum of the earth. I have always said if these  people were really willing to work with you they would get paid but most are not and so they do not get paid.

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