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    I have received numerous calls and then my bank account was debited 61.00.
    I have called the bank and they are going to report a fraud
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    Thank u all for your information. I also got the same answer, "can't find your account", until I mentioned they we're partaking in fraud & I will be speaking with my credit card fraud dept if I don't receive a full refund by Friday. After that he magically found my info. & still the guy tried to give me a partial refund since I received two months of the magazines. I said that was not acceptable since I didn't approve them billing me for these mags. He told me he had to get supervisory approval. He left for 5 seconds and said it was approved for the full amount within 3 business days. This group is not to be trusted and walks the line of fraudulent practices. We'll see if my refund is there by Friday. If not, the nxt step is making a fraudulent claim with my credit card co. And yes I immediately closed my credit card account when all this began two months ago.
    • Caller: Synapse, Time, inc.
    • Call type: Survey
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    Thank you for the info guys! I had same problem when I tried calling 855-449-8747 to cancel and get total refund. I wasn't able to talk with a real human being so I was very happy to read what others had said about calling Synapse. I am going to get a total refund of $61 but at first "Teddy" said I would only get a partial because two magazines had already been delivered. I told him I didn't receive any kind of notice to renew or cancel and that I should get a total refund. He put me on hold for a few seconds and came back saying I would get a full refund and apologized for any inconvenience it caused. After I get the refund I do plan to go to bank for new card. Thanks again!
    • Caller: 855-449-8747
    • Call type: Scam suspicion
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    You MUST use the word Fraud and say that you are going to report them if they do not give you a full refund.  They wanted to keep $ for "issues already received".  When I stated I would report them, he said he would need to talk to his supervisor.  Within 30 seconds he was back to say that his supervisor approved and I will receive a full refund within 3 business days.  I am not sure how they are allowed to continue to do business.  It's a shame!
    • Caller: Magazine subscription
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    Same as everyone above. But did everybody actually get their refund? Just got off the phone and they said refund would be three business days.... lots of commenters here saying they would update if they received it but no-one has confirmed it yet?
    I assume you were all satisfied, otherwise you would have come back to gripe some more!
    Also, has anyone complained to the magazine publishers? Their good name is being tied into this scam...
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    Ez replies to Synapse, Time,Inc
    Wow! Thank you very much for your help!  I just got charged almost $70 for those subscriptions so I called that number you gave and worked it out.  They kept trying to keep me subscribed but I think I learned my lesson from subscribing to these from now on.  Thank you!
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    Wendy replies to Synapse, Time,Inc
    Thank you for this information. I was charged for 5 magazine subscriptions and only got an automated number to call. By calling the number you listed, I am getting a FULL refund.
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    Thank you for posting this! After four of these charges appeared on my account, I called the number listed in the first post ready for a fight. Within five minutes and verifying my name and address--and saying the magic word "fraud"--the guy quickly refunded the full amount of the charges and said they would appear in my account within three business days.

    **Don't call the number listed on your bank statement. Call the number listed in the first post - 800-399-5731. This will get you to a real person who can issue you a full refund.
    • Caller: Synapse, Time, Inc
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    Thank you! replies to Synapse, Time,Inc
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    This was extremely helpful! I did exactly as you wrote, and they said the same exact things that you explained. I can't stand scammers!
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    Michelle replies to Thank you!
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    Did anyone get a refund?
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    JackReacher replies to Michelle
    Crooks don't give refunds.
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    Michael replies to George
    Thank you and all others. The "magic word" worked!
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    Mike replies to Synapse, Time,Inc
    Thank you so much for the 800 number. The number listed on my credit card statement went to basically nowhere. This is only my second time trying to cancel with them. and I was successful in receiving a second cancellation confirmation number (ha ha). I actually spoke to a customer service agent at this 800 number. When I explained I had already cancelled and had a conformation number, they said this number was on my file and I had not cancelled. When I asked them how I would receive a cancellation conformation number if I had not, they cancelled it again. We'll see if this is a never ending magazine subscription cancellation nightmare.

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