855 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 855-383-5891 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Anyone knows who this is?
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    dave replies to Patricia
    I get the same calls. I have read that it's TimeWarner.
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    They told me its Time Warner and they tried selling some upate to my Internet line.
    • Caller: Time Warner
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    This number called me every day but when I answer the phone, nobody talks and I get disconnected. How can I back this number from calling me?
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    I got a call from this number.  They said they are from Brighthouse  but the information they were saying was not what I have on my account.  Then they wanted my name.  Scammer!
    • Caller: Said it was brighthouse
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    Got a phone call from them today.   Asking for someone who does not live here.  I said you have the wrong number, they said no wait.  That's when I hung up.
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    It's Brighthouse/Timewarner with thier call back survey.
    • Caller: Brighthouse/Timewarner
    • Call type: Survey
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    Annoyed by Robocalls
    8553835891 called 12 Sept 1:52pm. CID SATCOM. Daily BrightHouse or Time Warner call.
    • Caller: CID SATCOM BrightHouse or Time Warner
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Jimmy replies to Patricia
    Says SATCOM on caller id
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    I keep on receiving calls from this number. I answered twice but no reply. Later I started ignoring
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    The answering machine recorded them saying it was from Spectrum (Brighthouse cable) but my phone said "Potential Scam" in red so I blocked it.  Called my own number for Brighthouse and they weren't looking for me on anything related to my account.
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    The number came up on my phone with a Caller ID  "100% Spam:Tele"  Not sure if my phone provider is kindly informing me via Caller ID it is a Telemarketer/Scammer or what.  I didn't answer it and no VM left so hard to say.
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    Got a call from this number while I was at work so it went to vpicemail. I got a 34 second voicemail with telemarketers discussing in the background how many sales they had gotten that day, but no actual message was left (guess they forgot they were on the phone). Called it back and it disconnected after ringing once.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Picked up the phone to hear light orchestral waiting room music (wtf?) for 30 seconds, before I hung up.
    • Caller: ???
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    Got a call today guy said he was from Bright house Raymond Matthews.
    • Caller: Spectrum/Brighthouse

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