Country: USA
808 area code: Hawaii (Honolulu)
Report a phone call from 808-537-3356 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Get every day at 1700 phone call with no message.
    • Caller: unknown
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    G Lam
    I get several calls daily no message no name just this
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    Plenty calls, no message. Don't know why?
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    Got a call saying they just need a survey &she's from hawaii she said they were the one who's incharged of a survey ask is the phone number she called is a cellphone or landline .then she ask how many adult leave in the house 18 and above..then ask if female and how many male..then says that the survey is for amale adult...i ask if i can answer the survey on behalf of my husband cause his at work.then the lady says when is the available time that they can call back to speak to my husband i gave a day and a time knowing its realy a department of public health.don't know if its for real or a scam.i didn't know there is such a thing like this until i received that call..
    • Caller: 1-808-537-3356
    • Call type: Survey
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    Constant calling.
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    once again they been calling always late..9:44pm on 3/6 and om 3/[email protected] 138pm, Feb.22 12:51pm; Feb [email protected]:32pm; Feb. 18 10:48pm an other # they try to call from 877-938-7654;808-223-8380; 808-000-0000 never leave a message but google the number and you come up with some sms marketing firm out of Hawaii
    • Caller: Sms Marketing firm in Hawaii
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    3/5/14 Received a phone call, lady trying to ask me to do a survey. I questioned her how she got my phone number and why she's calling me because I'm on the Do Not Call Registry. She said she's not a telemarketer, so she doesn't have to abide by the Do Not Call Registry. I told her I'm not interested in doing any surveys and asked her not to ever call me again.
    3/10/14 - She called me again. I didn't answer.
    • Call type: Survey
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    (808) 537-3356
    HI, USA called. Me??
    • Caller: (808) 537-3356 HI, USA
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    Lady caller, doing a survey.  Strange question:  "What is your current gender?"  Told her female, but not sure if I might change it tomorrow.  Then hung up on her.
    Same number called the next day, just ignored it.
    • Call type: Survey
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    Lady names Kristy said she was with SMS Hawaiian homes. Asked about Hawaiian Homes if we had other properties.  Weird. Told her no she said ok and that was it. She hung up. Call was after 8pm. BEWARE!
    • Caller: SMS Hawaiian homes
    • Call type: Text message
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    got a call from 808-537-3356 twice; once on April 10 after 8 pm and again tonite at 8:13 p.m.  they are part of SMS survey company.  there is no decency with these people calling after 8 at nite.....
    • Caller: sms
    • Call type: Survey
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    Fed Up
    I received a few calls from this phone number these past few days.  I looked up the phone number via Google, I found out it is, SMS Research located in Honolulu, HI.  After going through the website, they do random calls, emails, and various other surveys via snail mail as well.  How do I get these [***] to stop calling?
    • Caller: SMS Research
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    Do yourself a favor and put them on your BLOCK list.  Best NOT to answer any calls you are not familiar with the numbers.  If they do not leave a message - really no lost.
    • Caller: Just said survey company
    • Call type: Text message
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    andre kin
    department of health survey 8 34 pm
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    Received a very quickly spoken message regarding survey and then mahalo...   Try calling the number back and funny how they can get you but you can't teach them...
    • Caller: SMS
    • Call type: Text message
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    Been getting calls from this number every few days since December. No message left except for the accidental "No one's answering". It's a woman. One day I answered and she said that she was doing a health survey and I told her that I didn't have the time. Ever since the calls increased. I put her on auto reject - still three calls every hour so far today! As I looked up the number to get here, it also showed me it belongs to SMS Hawaii marketing. These constant calls are irritating!
    • Caller: SMS Hawaii
    • Call type: Text message
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    Janet O.
    Called 05/18/16 @4:50 pm PST.  I do not answer from unknown callers.  Left no message.
    • Caller: I do not know.
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    Called me at 2pm today with no message left.  Googled number and found address:SMS Research
    Website Directions
    Marketing Consultant
    Address: 1042 Fort Street Mall # 200, Honolulu, HI 96813
    Phone: (808) 537-3356
    • Caller: SMS RESEARCH
    • Call type: Survey
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    I was willing to do the survey so i told her my zip(she had hard time hearing me so i had to tell her several times. She even asked me: "do you know what a zip code is?"...so rude). She asked me if im voting. I told her that i am not a citizen, then she thanked me and said each other good bye. And i guess she thought she hanged up but she started talking about me with someone near her calling me "that girl" and such. Over all, very rude and definitely recommend blocking.
    • Caller: SMS research
    • Call type: Survey
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    squrly replies to madman
    they called me at 1:35am this morning woke me up and by the time I answered they were gone husband called back said it was SMS in Hawaii he hung up. Ticked me off, wake me up at that time

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