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Report a phone call from 800-877-7408 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    This is a fraud prevention dept of a credit card company probably calling to confirm suspicious charges on your credit card.
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    Some guy in area code 520.
    I was called and asked to call back at this number by a recorded message. When I called, it was identified as "The Activity Alert Fraud Prevention Hotline." Other websites for phone number identification state this is First National Bank of Omaha, at their First National Credit Card Center. They just wanted to verify that I activated a card in November.
    • Caller: First National Credit Card Center
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    This number is from Activity Alert Fraud Prevention Hotline.  They were wanting to confirm that we had been the ones putting a charge on the credit card.
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    It is First National Bank of Omaha calling to verify that an online charge was ok
    • Caller: First National Bank of Omaha
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    Scott replies to KG
    FRAUD -  The representative who answered the phone stated he worked for the First National Bank Of Omaha. Confirmed that she does not have any bank cards with them. Pulled up her account at the bank and confirmed her card was not on hold and
    there weren’t any suspicious charges on her account.
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    This was the First National Bank credit card fraud alert center calling to let me know that my credit card number may have been stolen and wanting to verify recent credit card activity.
    • Caller: First National Bank Credit Card Center
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    Just call the number on the back of your card, tell them what happened and that you want a status on your card/account.  They'll direct your call to their fraud prevention department, who will have the answer. We got a call from this number, Activity Alert, turns out it's legit.  DON'T EVER TRUST A PERSON THAT CALLS YOU AND ASKS FOR YOUR CARD NUMBER OR YOUR PIN OR YOUR SECURITY CODE OR YOUR SSN. Call the institution/bank and get directions through their network first. They won't send their loyal customer to a fradulent company/department.
    Also, don't necessarily trust people's opinions on sites like these either.  Remember, it's YOUR credit, YOUR money, not theirs, and it is SO easy for a scammer to put up a site like this and put a bunch of positive feedback to get your trust (money). CALL THE COMPANY DIRECT FIRST!!
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    877-702-7408 is a number i use every day. It's if I get a customer on the phone that doesn't speak english, i use that number to call and get a translator.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Received a call from this number, 800-877-7408, about a possible lost credit card. Someone found it. I then called the Card Company back at their regular number to make sure this was not a bogus caller.  All is OK now.
    • Caller: Activity Alert Fraud Prevention Hotline
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    800-877-7408 is an Activity Alert Fraud Prevention Hotline for my CC. After I received a call from them, I called the number on the back of my card and they verified this company. If you get a call from them and don't want to talk to them, immediately call the number on your card because something is wrong with your CC.
    • Caller: Activity Alert Fraud Prevention Hotline

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