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The ACC is just one of Asia s most anticipated events attended by industry leaders in wholesale fixed and cellular carriers, for example networks providers, retail services and service providers, industry communication and ICT service providers and enablers, and organizations from the venture marketplace.
Carrier Neighborhood is coordinating its 6th Annual Singapore 20-16 GCCM, on 30th 31st might 20-16 in The Fullerton Hotel. Team Obtain A Phone will probably soon be attending the function to set up new method of trading and to help grow present ventures. Receive a phone had previously attended Singapore 2015 GCCM and'd obtained satisfying read more about team G-C all place to wait GCCM Singapore 20-16.
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800 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 800-741-1969 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    kathy faye
    | 1 reply
    Calling me because my daughter owes some hospital money.  Get a life.
    • Caller: Audit Systems
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    called my cell only states that i call them called my home once and left recorded message for someone else.....
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    Edwin Healy
    They keep calling and leaving messages to call them for someone I have never heard of. Even after I inform them there is no one by that name at my number it doesn't help or they do not care.
    Our political officals don't care or they have no time, until its time to "VOTE".
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    I call back because I did not recognize the person they are looking for and they just hung up the phone
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    They say I owe the bank money, but won't say what for.  They said if I don't pay they'll just keep calling me, until I do.
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    They call and hang up when I answer
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    pissed off
    | 1 reply
    i got a call from these low lifes who just explain that they are [audix ]sp ? they say it is a private company and they are looking for so and so when you get rude back with them they say dont call them acting rude..they are lowlifes with no concept of how to relate to another human . just imagine the [***] who must train them. good luck getting any answer out of them. they should be suedf for harrasment.
    • Caller: audix ? not sure of the spelling
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    Billy Coleman
    I get calls from this number at least once or more per week for the past several mnoths. I have no idea why.
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    This number keeps calling my phone and they don't have the number in their system, They tried to tell me that it's because my phone is being foward from another phone NOT QUITE I've had this same number for over a year now they are pissing me off.
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    damien williams
    this is the third time i've gotten a call from these people saying they are from some audit agency are they legit?
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    I never answer these kinds of calls. I have a prepaid cell phone and resent that anyone I don't know is calling my number! I can't waste the time or minutes.  I like that anyone can Google the number to confirm that we don't know who the heck it is!

    I can't understand why anyone would make a "living?" by calling random numbers just to harrass people and have no legitimate reason for calling in the first place!

    People once you know it's just a nuisance call, don't answer, don't call back, and if your phone has a feature where you can BLOCK that number, do so.

    Good luck.
    • Caller: unknown
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    Some collection agency asking for someone I do not know.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    call everyday, never leave a message but always call when I'm at work and can't answer my phone. I don't owe anyone anything.  This needs to stop!!
    • Caller: unknown
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    The caller ID says "ASI, (800)741-1169."  When I answer they just hang up or at other times, they've asked for some person who doesn't live here.
    • Caller: ASI
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    Mr. B.
    | 4 replies
    Audit Systems, Inc.
          3696 Ulmerton Road, Ste 200
          Clearwater,  FL.  33762

    These scum bags are one of those “Basement Bill-boys” who buy up old, expired, (time-barred) In other words, LEGALLY UNCOLLECTABLE junk-accounts for pennies on the dollar and dunn ANYONE they can find for anything they can scam out of them. If they are calling you, it’s a safe bet they can’t make good on a single threat they make and that includes lawsuits. As for those collectoid lowlifes who post that: “just pay your bills and they won’t call you” crap, Don’t even go there, bill-boy- Anyone who’s ever been assigned the old phone number of one of your victims knows you couldn’t care less whether they ever owed a dime to anyone or not - you’re just out for the cash by any means, fair or foul. For anyone harassed by these losers, file complaints with any and all agencies who will accept them, but especially the Federal Trade Commission and the Licensing depts. of  both Fla. And YOUR OWN STATE.  Many state licensing Departments have little-known special collection agency boards whose sole purpose in life is to make life hell for these soulless maggots who often don’t bother to get licensed in many states, sometimes because they have been banned from doing business there.  The collection companies are scarred silly(er) of these guys. Also visit the FTC website and buddhibbs.com to learn your rights and everything every collector wishes no one knew.

      Also, Here is a good way to deal with these Hitler Youth punks and their disreputable tactics; First, never mind the number on your caller ID, it’s virtually always a fake and strictly one-way.  But the call-back number on the voice-mail has to be real, otherwise they could never scam a dime out of anyone.  Also, if you know for sure which collection company it is, visit their website and if the e-mail address under “Contact Us” doesn’t readily suggest a debt collector use that also.  Write a realistic-sounding too-good-to-pass-up add for anything appealing to as wide a range of people as possible using their contact info. - then post it on Craig’s List! The ruinous overload of calls and E-Mails will soon cause their networks to crash and with these vermin, down-time is money down the drain.  The vast majority of collectiods took the short bus to school and are therefore notoriously slow learners, but this method will likely get the point across.
    • Caller: Audit Systems, Inc.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Someone from this number calls my phone and leaves the line open to hear background noise, but no voice or message.  Don't they have something better to do with their time?
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    johnsjo replies to Mr. B.
    | 1 reply
    I just received a call from this company saying I wrote a check, which I do not do...to a Casino in Tomball Texas. When they gave me the date of the check, I told them I was in Germany at the time on business and did not write the check. When I checked out the information, there is no a Casino in Tumball TX at all, It is a retail store that has the same address provided by the collection agency. They also gave me the bank name and said that they had routing information. I told them I do not have an account with that establishment and do not live in Michigan. The bad thing is that this agency has my home address and license number. I am filling a police report just in case and calling my credit card companies and bank just in case. Any other thoughts?
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    Julie replies to johnsjo
    I too just received a call from these scum bags.  I plan to file a complaint with the FCC, for harrassment!
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    AJ from Polk County Florida
    Just got a call from this number on my cell phone, So, I answer and no one answer the phone it was so quite on the other end you could here a pin drop. I don't know how they got this number but this is a new cell phone number. And the other people that has this number is family members. So, who or whom ever you are. STOP calling me.
    • Caller: UNKNOWN
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    Got a call from Kathy. I asked her again who is calling because I was not able to cath up the name and she told me I already said it... do you want me to spell it for you? I said no, I am asking for your name and she said Kathy...telling me that the phone call is recorded. Kathy has a stern voice.
    • Caller: Audit Company

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