Country: USA
734 area code: Michigan (Ann Arbor, Canton, Livonia)
Report a phone call from 734-542-7758 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    kitchen replies to boohoo2u
    Chill.  The message is from 4 years ago and just states the obvious.  Who is exempt from the do not call list.
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    Herb replies to t quinterling
    I do believe that you (t quinterling) have a right to hold a job. I do NOT, however, believe you (and/or your employer) have a right to harass me with unwanted calls. What of MY right to privacy - and peace and tranquility?

    Telephones interrupt whatever a person is/was doing - no manners at all! And many folks, us included, have persons in the house with illnesses and disabilities - and non-solicited harassment calls are even more inconsiderate in such circumstances.
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    steve replies to t quinterling
    That's too bad.  I am sorry for your situation.  Unfortunately, you are turning other peoples time into a paycheck for you.  And not just their time, but also much bother and aggravation.  Perhaps the people that signed up for the Do Not Call registry really don't want to be bothered by phone calls from strangers who just annoy them!  So, really, what do you expect when you call someone on the Do Not Call list?

    Free speech, by the way, is not a free ticket to bother and annoy other people.
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    Option #1: Get a VOIP service that allows selective call blocking.  Once you block their number, the next time they attempt to call they get an "I'm sorry but the number you have called is no longer ..."

    Option #2: Get a VOIP service that allows you to store contact information of people you DO want to receive calls from.  Put them all in a group and call that group "Friends and Family".  Then set up call rules in your VOIP service.  Rule #1: All calls received from numbers in your group "Friends and Family" get sent to your phone adapter, then to voice mail if you don't pick up.  Rule #2: All calls received go right to voice mail.  Rule #1 gets used first, then Rule #2.  So your phone will only ring when you're being called by people in your "Friends and Family" group of phone numbers.  Everyone else gets dumped into voice mail.

    Of course for the ultimate in privacy, you can do both.  I'm partial to phone.com's VOIP service - I've been using it for about 4 years now and they have the features to let you do Option #1 and Option #2.  Make sure you see what features the VOIP service you're considering has - for example I know Vonage doesn't allow selective call blocking (they were my first VOIP service).

    All this is assuming you're being harassed on a land line or a "virtual number".  I get zillions of phone pitches to my home and business land lines but zero to my cell phone.

    It's sad that it has to come to this - we have to become technoids with our own phone service because there's nothing the feds will do.  Judges don't even fine companies which ignore the DNC list, and of course  the politicians EXEMPTED themselves from the law (think they represent your interests?!).
    • Caller: UNKNOWN
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    It was Rachel from Market Strategy.  They call us at least 3x a week.  We block the # then they use another.   This time when the gal spoke, I spoke in German for a least a minute.  Guess what?  She began her presentation all over again.  I hung up.  Unbelievable!
    • Caller: Market Strategy
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Cry replies to t quinterling
    Boo Hoo

    Get over your self and respect the fact that you have freedom of speech and so does the person on the other end of the line. You are bothering them. They didn't walk into your place of business and started insulting you.
    YOU CALLED THEM on their cell phone which is that persons personal line... Again not a business... Who wants to be bothered when they are at home and done with the grind for the day. Did you ever think about the people on the otherside of the line. You cry that everyone just worries about them selves and you are doing the same thing...

    It is simple.... Walmart is always hiring greeters... Go join the rest of your herd!
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    Here is how I handle survey callers - whether legitimate or a scam:

    Caller:  I am conducting a survey about.....
    Me:  Who are you and why are you calling?
    Caller:  I am conducting a survey....
    Me:  (cutting them off) I did not ask you why you are calling. I asked who are you and what company you are calling from?
    Caller:  As I said, I am conducting a survey....
    Me:  (cutting them off) Is this a compensated survey?
    Caller:  (bewildered) Excuse me?
    Me:  I said Is this a compensated survey? I am going to be paid for my time?
    Caller:  Um, well no.
    Me.  Then go F*** yourself! and hand up. (and if you are not the type to scream obscenities, then just tell them you do not answer surveys unless you are paid).

    They rarely call back. Try this. It works every time!
    • Caller: Scammer Surveys
    • Call type: Survey
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    Jim Messina
    Company is called Market Strategies. Have asked them to stop, I am on no call listy. Keep calling. How do I report this to govt.agency?
    • Call type: Survey
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    i t these calls from this numbaer as well why can't they just leave me alone i don't answer my phone and they call at odd hours
    • Caller: 734-542-7758
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    I get these calls from this numbaer as well why can't they just leave me alone i don't answer my phone and they call at odd hours .
    • Caller: 734-542-7758
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    judy williams
    | 2 replies
    am on the do not call list and recieved this call, no message, annoyed!
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    Mozart1220 replies to t quinterling
    Don't call my house or you will hear language you don't want to hear.
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    HardWorker replies to t quinterling
    You are a piece of [***].  I don't care how 'dsabled' you are.  Get a fukkin real job.  LOSER
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    Just got a call from this #.  Did not pick up.
    • Caller: Don't know.
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    rabbitjak replies to judy williams
    | 1 reply
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    I have my office phone forwarded to my cell and thought it was a work related call and answered. When I found out what it was I said I am too busy and hung up. I have since looked up their website. They use the information solicited from us and sell it to consumer businesses for marketing purposes.

    I understand some of the loopholes in the "Do Not Call Registry", but this company is clearly making a profit from the information they receive and furthermore, they are relentless at obtaining it.

    They do have phone numbers on their website, with a "Leave a Message" box right next to it. That may work to get your number removed. I emailed this address: [email protected]: and so far so good; I put Do Not Call Me in the Subject line and emailed them my phone number.
    • Caller: Marketresearch.com
    • Call type: Survey
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    I am on the Do Not Call registry.  Today, I was expecting an important call, saw 734-542-7758 with no name.  I answered and said, "Hello".  They hung up.

    Thanks to this website, I can see that it was from the old, worthless
    Market Strategies International:  http://marketstrategies.com/en/contact/
    17430 College Parkway
    Livonia, MI 48152
    Phone: 734.542.7600
       What kind of company operates by calling, saying nothing and hanging up?  A company that is phony, fishy, insincere, fake, deceptive, deceitful, dishonest, illegitimate, rude, creepy, slimy, crappy, shoddy, and rotten.
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    Got a call today 12/22/12 from them.  Thanks to caller ID I didn't answer and thanks to this website I'm glad I didn't.  Will block the number on my phone account.
    • Caller: Michigan ?????
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    | 1 reply
    They called last night and this morning (Saturday)! If you go to Market strategies.com you can fill out a do not contact form on their website that is specific to their company.
    • Caller: Market Strategies
    • Call type: Survey
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    The call popped up as "Livonia MI" on my cell...since I didn't recognize it (and am on the "Do Not Call" list) I dumped it into voice mail. No message was left. This is not good-
    • Caller: Unk

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