Country: USA
734 area code: Michigan (Ann Arbor, Canton, Livonia)
Report a phone call from 734-542-7758 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    I just slam the phone down onto the cradle when they call.
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    I don't answer thanks to the comments on Google.
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    • Caller: DIDN'T SHOW
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    Didn't answer.
    Called at 8:06pm 03-04-08
    • Caller: Market Strategi
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    Just hang up!!!

    Who are these people??????
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    b sandage
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    please stop calling our number - 815-623-3230
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    I get 2 of these calls aday.on national do not call list.what good is it you get calls from these agrivating people all over the U.S.
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    This is Marketing Strategies or MSI. I have discovered that they, along with many many other spammers/scammers and snail mail scammers got my phone number and mailing address from Careerbuilder.com. I figured it was them, but know for a fact now, as my daughter just signed up with them today and has already received a call from 734-542-7758 or MSI.
    • Caller: Marketing Strategies
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    Look call someone who cares...like you're own family...oops - they don't want your calls either.  STOP CALLING...
    • Caller: ?
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    Thought it was my brother calling with a phone card however it was this stupid survey company.
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    Very annoyed...
    They call regularly, do not leave a message.  Yet another solicitor who's found a way around the "Do Not Call" mandate.  It's VERY annoying, they should STOP CALLING.
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    Sick of it
    Just got a call from them and googled and found all of your comments. They left no message. I had info at careerbuilder.com so they could have pulled my number from there. My number is unlisted and I am on the do not call list...geesh!
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    Yeah they just called me like a minute ago.  I never put my info up for careerbuilder.com or any site for that matter. How the hell????
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    t quinterling
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    The Federal Government exempts survey companies,charities,political calls as well as insurance companies from the National No call list and that is why they can call if you go and look at donotcall.gov and it explains in detail all of this. But the stupid jerks that run the government never send anyone a letter explaining this with the 15 to 25 million people on this list. People that do this work like myself need jobs. I am totally disabled and cannot work,have sever severe arthritis,have ADD, personality disorder,anxiety disorder as well as depression and cannot get any help. I have been fighting since 97-98 to get Social Security and cannot get it when I know people that are getting around much better than me and have it. We have not found a way around the No call law. The government depends on research companies to do their calling for them. Of course the people we tell this to often say on the phone "I do not care" or tell us we cannot speak or talk that we do not deserve to speak or talk. You know what that is why the world is flubbed up because people "do not care" and it is all about me me me me me. Blame someone that can do something about it rather than people on the phone who have problems and it is a real chore just to get to work they have so many things wrong with them. I thought under the freedom or speech laws I do have the right to talk or we would live in what is called a dictatorship or communist society. When I told one lady that lived in Virginia I had freedom of speech after I told her that surveys were exempt she called me a "snotty broad" for no reason when I said nothing at all rude to her and was very nice to her. People like that are evil and sick. I did nothing but want her to do a survey not to be treated like a piece of garbage. Karma breeds Karma. I have watched it for years and seen it so remember that lady from Virginia. I know you must be that way to EVERYONE. You are the type of person that cuts in line,runs lights,makes noises in places of business and churches and burps and never says excuse me ever.So think about that lady from Virginia. If it takes me writing to every congressman about us keeping our jobs I am willing to do that and fight for my rights.
    • Caller: Market Strategies
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    just got a call from 7345427758 I did not answer
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    Cycle rat
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    To t quinterling:

    Please provide your home phone number and cell number.  I would like the opportunity to exercise my freedom of speech and call you with my own survey.  I promise to call at any time of the day and to be inconsiderate.
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    Called cell phone and left no message around 5:40 PDST
    when I called back recorded message identified the caller as
    Market Research doc com with the message "for more information visit our website
    and hung up without giving a chance to talk to anyone or select a do not call option.

    The web site listed their
    Phone:     800.298.5699 (U.S.)
         +1.240.747.3093 (Int'l)
    Fax:     240.747.3004
    Email:     [email protected]
    Address:     11200 Rockville Pike
    Suite 504
    Rockville, MD 20852
    Hours:     7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday

    I have filed a complaint with the FCC

    You can too.
    • Caller: market research
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    Paul Vermont
    We get 2-4 calls a day from this number and other numbers that show the same text on caller ID (Share Group, Inc.)
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    this company market strategi call me verey day i talk to the guy to stop calling but didnt stop im tired
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    John Smith
    | 1 reply
    number has called 6 times today and late yesterday.

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