Country: USA
646 area code: New York (New York City)
Report a phone call from 646-001-7890 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Roger in FL
    This call came in while I was on the other line so I don't have any info on the business.
    The caller ID was V81913231300010 which is junk,probably. I never return calls like this.
    If they call again, I will update this.
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    call came in on 9/29/15..."name not found" as name calling...did not answer...
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    so this number has been calling me once a week or so for a few months. I've caught onto their scam, they are from India trying to access your computer using all kinds of techniques. i.e. your Windows shows some improper installed programs or you need a security update or your anti-virus is not working or what ever and ask you to give them remote access to help you.  I know I should just hang up, but I realize these are inbred subhuman animals and can be treated like lowlifes.

    And when ever they call I get excited. Because in the back of my mind I have all these scenarios to try out, think Saturday Night Live comedy skits. I am never rude and use a polite voice to keep them on the phone to play with them like a bunch of stupid children. Once skit I use is when they call, I answer everything in a manor that they want to here. They ask sir, are you near you computer, is it on, etc and I say yes and they ask me to type URL that will give them remote access.
    I tell them well this is my grandmothers computer and I need to get her permission. So they ask if I can ask her, I say well she is at bingo right now with her friends.
    Then they ask when she will be back and I say I dunno, she usually goes to 7/11 to a SLURRRPEEEE and that takes forever

    now by this point they usually hang up, but if its a totally stupid indian who doesn't get that I just made a fool of him, he ask again when is a good time to call back and I usually say around the year 2025 should work.
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    Teresa Grausam
    This number calls my house sometimes 3 times a day all hours of the night and day.  I am sick of it.
    • Caller: ILO technoligies
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    same old windows scam, wanting to get into your pc....  different number this time.
    They are using a cell thru a land line.
    Sad thing is, the gov. can track you 24/7/365...but we can't g et help to stop these calls...
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    No message, didn't answer when I said "hello"
    • Caller: don't know
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    Every time this number calls I pick up the phone and say hello.  Several seconds later a recording says goodbye. When I call the number back a recording states that this is a non working number. How can the phone carriers allow this?
    • Caller: I have no idea.
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    Calling me now; says my comp has been hacked. He says he is from Microsoft

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