Report a phone call from 6245 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    christopher stogios
    congradulation your device is in your touch base
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    i got the message and it creeped me out so bad this is what it said:

    -Hey!i heard abouy you,and wanted to say hey!I'm shy,so why not come chat with me online.I got a profile at matchmagik.org if

    then 5 minutes later:


    it had no call back number so im kinda scared. i looked at the website and it was some dating website that you had to sign up for i didnt but i really hope this person leaves me alone and NEVER calls or texts me again!!! how did he/she get my # anyway??????
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    Hello, iheard about you,and I wanted to say hi!I'm shy,so why not come chat with me online.ii got a profile at date-arcade.net if you like.
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    Hello, iheard about you,and I wanted to say hi!I'm shy,so why not come chat with me online.ii got a profile at date-arcade.net if you like.
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    I got a text from "6245" No area code, just those four numbers.

    The above message "Hi, I'm shy" or w/e
    "Check out my profile at friend-rock.com"
    I'm not checking it out, unless it's a phishing site or anything, though.

    How did they get my number :(
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    i keep getting  spam  messages   from  some  meetingplace   looking  for  woman   or  ladies  to hook up  with....acording  to  telus   you  can  text  back    stop  and  then  recycle  your  cell  system  ( turn it off  remove batterry for  one min   the  reinstall  and  turn  it  back on)   thats  supposed to take care  of it
    • Caller: meetingplace
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    Received two texts on my cell phone  from  6245

    1.... happy new year
    2.... Couldn't keep the dose right on those meds anymore.

    knowing my friend is very depressed, i thought he logged into skype and sent me the sms from there??  it's still not clear, i'm waiting for skype to get back to me cuz coincidently, i can't log into skype, which my friend knew the password.  i left a message to his parents immediately to check on him..
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    i spoke to sprint; and they regarding this as spam; along with DADAMOBILE, the spam ringtone losers; but anyway; they charged me 9.99 for premium game services; and a 20 cent international text; being the good guys sprint appears to be they deducted that amount from my bill n stuff
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    nice guy
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    these texts are from somone you know. 6245. its somone sending you a msg to your phone from there email. it shows up on your phone as 6245.
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    Yeah, I just got one also: for hang-outbox.net. This is pure spam!
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    Its the phone company Koodo, they have a free messaging service on their website. I get thme ALL the time from friends ;)
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    got a text "yo, a friend gave me ur number, and said we should hang out.hangoutclub.org if u are interested,come msg me online"

    the email is [email protected]

    would like to find out out who is this and what the hell he/she wants from me...
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    who r u
    got a text yo a friend gave me your #
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    Max J
    my message from this number was "Sup? a friend gave me ur #, and said we should meet upsome time. Come msg me online if you're interested, at date-o-trip.net"   pretty blatent spam. Needless to say I didnot respond or visit the site.
    • Caller: ???
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    i got a text message from this num saying.hey a friend gave me your num,and said we could hang out some time.come and msg me online if ur interested,at dateopsolis.com... i want to find out who is doing this
    • Caller: no one
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    luckey james
    Sup! A friend gave me your #, and said we should meet up some time. come msg me online if you are interested, at date-o-jump.com
    • Caller: 6245
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    LLC replies to Mike
    I would like to know the friend you received my number from and then we'll talk
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    I got ur number from a friend.we could hang out some time.Come message me at this website,date-o-trip.com
    • Call type: Text message
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    Showing up on my bill as sent msg to 6245 but I never sent any msg.
    • Caller: Not sure
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    got a text from this number, it was an ad for a dating website:

    -sup! a freind gave me your number, and said we should meet up some time. Come find me online if you're interested, at date-supply.com

    (i know it's a spam text because my friends a) wouldn't set me up b) wouldn't tell the guy (who's nameless) to ask me to go to a dating website)
    • Caller: datesupply.com

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