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The ACC is just one of Asia s most anticipated events attended by industry leaders in wholesale fixed and cellular carriers, for example networks providers, retail services and service providers, industry communication and ICT service providers and enablers, and organizations from the venture marketplace.
Carrier Neighborhood is coordinating its 6th Annual Singapore 20-16 GCCM, on 30th 31st might 20-16 in The Fullerton Hotel. Team Obtain A Phone will probably soon be attending the function to set up new method of trading and to help grow present ventures. Receive a phone had previously attended Singapore 2015 GCCM and'd obtained satisfying read more about team G-C all place to wait GCCM Singapore 20-16.
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Country: USA
586 area code: Michigan (Sterling Heights, Warren)
Report a phone call from 586-405-8272 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
  • 0
    no message, didn't answer
  • 0
    Answered and it said "not a valid extension" then hung up.
  • 0
    Username Unavailable
    Answered and it said "not a valid extension" then hung up.
  • 0
    Helen near Spokane Washington
    | 6 replies
    Call came in at 7:11AM today. I immediately answered and heard a prerecorded message about reducing interest rate on my credit card but assured me I wasn't in trouble at this time. Calls before 8am are absolutely unacceptable unless it's a relevant to me emergency. I tried calling back resulting in announcement of invalid number/extension. My Internet research brought up an address on Marquette in Roseville MI, at least 12 names and what seems to be a personal email address. I'll report back if my email results in helpful information.
  • 0
    No message, didn't answer
  • 0
    Called 11:30AM EST, didn't answer, no message.
  • 0
    Received call 11:35 am EST Nov. 24, 2015. Caller ID  just showed "Michigan". I didn't pick up, no message left.
  • 0
    Called 11:36am EST, Caller Id says from 'Mount Clemens, MI'. I didnt answer, no message.
  • 0
    received two calls. no message.  I never answer the phone if I don't recognize the caller.
  • 0
    Said they were calling about my credit card. I hung up.
    • Caller: Consumer services
  • 0
    roderick young
    Called me 8:44 am, unknown number, no message.
  • 0
    Received a call at around 11:07 AM EST. I didn't answer, the caller did not leave a message. I called the number back at around 11:13 AM EST, but received a blank pre-recorded robo-message saying that the number/extension I'm trying to reach is invalid. Beware, this reeks of some serious spam/spoofing that hackers might be engaging in to steal your personal information.
  • 0
    Got call from the same # and ignored it. I pick up the phone I'm familiar with.
  • 0
    My Do Not Disturb function was on and they called at 7:43am..smh, b4 8am. Called back and its a non working number. Wish there was a button we could push & they'd get slapped through their computer screen..aww the future
    • Caller: ...from Michigan
  • 0
    Someone Pissed Off
    "I'm sorry, this is not a valid extension. Please try again."
    Are you kidding me?
    • Caller: Obama
    • Call type: Telemarketer
  • 0
    Got a call at 7:30am in the morning which is unacceptable. I did not answer.
    • Caller: N/A
  • 0
    Call from this number on my cell.  No message left.  "Michigan" on caller id.
  • 0
    Received a call on cell from this # "Mount Clemens, MI"...no message left, so I blocked it to keep from getting called!
  • 0
    sickof these
    It's out of control.  These supposed "real" numbers that keep calling me.  I don't ever answer the calls now because I know they are scammers.
    • Caller: No name, just michigan
  • 0
    | 1 reply
    Said they were calling about my credit card. I hung up.

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