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Country: Canada
519 area code: Ontario (Kitchener, London, Windsor)
Report a phone call from 519-667-4844 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    | 2 replies
    I've received a few phone calls from them.  They offered extended warranty on purchases I had made at the Brick.
    • Caller: transglobal warranty corp.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Mark replies to chillen
    | 1 reply
    The Company is Alliance ICommunications. [email protected] appears on the phone. They call five times a day to get your info for credit. After refusing to take me off their do not call list I registered them with the government Do Not Call list. The still continued to call. So I called them back and the Manager actually said they would not take me off their list.

    So I did some digging around. The President is Dave Lecalir. His mobile number is [removed]

    I suggest you call his mobile number every time they call you.
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    Roadside Assistance Provider
    I am am independent contractor and this number calls me several times a day. It is used by a dispatch center that dispatches call for roadside assistance by a company call Nation Safe Drivers
    • Caller: Nation Safe Drivers
    • Call type: Event reminder
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    Caller ID says "Bill Goslins Ou"

    Well good old Bill sat on the phone for over a minute receiving a fax noise the whole time. And that means that it was a robo call with a taped message.
    • Caller: suspected spoofer
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    Mark replies to Mark
    why did they remove his number.. I want to call them about 5 times a day too...
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    Rec'd call at 3:00 pm in Sask.  Call display showed Bill Gosling Ou. I never answer numbers I don't  recognize,  I google the number,  see what people have to say, then block call if I don't like what I see.
    • Caller: 519-667-4844
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    owen f markey
    call 3 time told them to stop but
    • Caller: 5196674844
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    I have rejected this call. I called them upon the directions of the Deputy to tell them to stop calling. It is a bill collector calling for who knows who.
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    Better Informed
    | 3 replies
    Man there are so much wrong info here. Just got off the phone with a real live caller from 519-667-4844 so it is NOT a robo-caller.It is not a bill collector and it is not dispatcher. It was indeed from Bob Gosling Outsourcing offering options for my Amex account. Amex is using them as an out-going call centre for flogging new ways of charging you.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    This number is in my call log daily even though they are blocked.
    • Caller: Alliance ICommu
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    Pissed off
    Amex express ??? At 2:30 am ???
    This number called my phone at 2:30 in the morning... Not American Express
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    Bob Gosling Outsourcing is a pushy debt collector who tries their hand at calling customers and see if they can make them remember of a debt that they do not own. Block the number.
    • Caller: Idiot
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    This number calls my office every day at least twice, but the call doesn't connect. VERY annoying.
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    aDAM replies to Better Informed
    Name display says Bob Gosling uu
    And since I've never had nor want an Amex account, I would say they are a scam outfit.
    Can't be that they are calling the previous owner of my phone numbers as I have had it since September 1978.
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    Mercedes Benz roadside assistance call back.
    • Call type: Event reminder
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    Call this afternoon that I actually answered, because I'm tired of seeing this person call me multiple times a day and not leaving message. Answer the phone man on the other end asked to speak to the business owner (i have a small business)... then telling me he wanted to get to know my business more, so they could offer me credit services through AmEx. When I told him no thanks he pushed for more wanting to know what my reasoning was... my reason is because I said no. So I just hung up
    • Caller: Telemarketer &/or scam
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    I get calls from this number  every single day, at least 2-4 times a day.
    • Caller: Have no idea
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    Same same..Bill Gosling 3+ day VM takes call nomrssages. Don't care who it  is no message no talk
    • Caller: 516 667 4844
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    Called at 2:43pm Pacific Standard time in Vancouver, BC.
    Answered but no response.  Caller ID says Bill Gosling Ou.
    4 mins later, call from 604-757-4170.
    No response when answered as well.
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    | 2 replies
    Keep on pestering me everyday, but won't bother to pick it up.
    • Caller: Bill gosling ou

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