Country: USA
516 area code: New York (Freeport, Garden City, Glen Cove)
Report a phone call from 516-246-7116 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Mr. Wrongnumber
    Phone rang, did not recognize the number. I let it go to e-mail. No message left. Could be a scammer (using this number as a transfer point) wanting you to call them back so they can charge you fees from their phone subscriber.
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    Same: Phone rang, did not recognize the number. I let it go to voice mail. No message left. Could be a scammer (using this number as a transfer point) wanting you to call them back so they can charge you fees from their phone subscriber
    • Caller: 516-246-7116
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    Same number called me. Was a quick one rang for like 5 seconds no vmail left pretty sure it was a scammer doing the old call hang up to get a callback so they can charge you
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    Called cell 9:00 pm didn't answer, no message left, blocked number
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    It's a SCAM
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    SCAM outfit.... been  getting calls from them for over a year, from all kinds of different phone numbers... they spoof numbers and call from numbers within your own area code... and they call from FL and NY area codes

    they try to tell you you've won or earned a reward because you shopped at one of their "partner stores",... it's all bullsh#t... they want you to give them your CREDIT CARD number so they can CHARGE YOU 4.95, or 5.95 or 9.95 or as much as they think they cam get out of you for "processing and handling" to send you your "reward card" .... if you're really dumb, they'll get you for 20 or 30 or 50 dollars, and probably get you signed on for recurring monthly charges for some worthless bullsh#t

    pro tip: ask them how they can know you earned a "reward" when they don't even know who you are, they don't now your name or address or anything unless you tell them,...
    ... duh.... pretty dumb premise for a scam when all it takes is simple common sense logic to unravel their entire sham... but i guess there must be an awful lot of stupid people out there cause they're still at after a year or two.. must be getting something out if it to be going this long with same story....

    btw... all you people that are afraid to answer your phone, and afraid to call back an unknown number... what's the problem ?.... hide your head in the sand and don't answer these calls and they just keep calling...  DON'T BE AFRAID of these people... no reason to fear answering your own phone...

    I answer, and I mess with them and WASTE THEIR TIME... toy with them and play along, give them first 4 digits of your CC number and make up the other 12, then when they say there's an error, apologize and give them another set of fake numbers and act like your vision isn't good and number are hard to see.... after 3 or 4 rounds of that, tell them, "ohhh... i forgot, the CC company cancelled that card cause some scam telemarketer got hold of the number and made unauthorized charges... then tell 'em you're going to get your new CC and make 'em wait 4 or 5 minutes.. then come back on and give em another fake set of numbers or ask if you can send them a check for the processing and handling"... they wont like that one cause they can't give out a valid address because they're criminals...

    so ANSWER those calls, and for ones like these people where the robo-dialer hangs up after one ring, CALL THEM BACK... and FU*K with THEM, and waste THEIR time,.... then finish up your game by asking them how they like getting trolled....

    personally I like the slow reveal... I act like I'm 85 yrs old, play the fake CC number game for a bit, keep asking them to repeat what they said "because I'm hard of hearing" (cause I'm 85 you know)... then answer questions they didn't ask and ramble on about unrelated nonsense..(because I'm 85 yrs old and maybe a little senile ?).... then after a good 10-15 minutes of waving the carrot just out of reach, ... slowly start to reveal they've been wasting their time by working into the conversation stuff about how how frustrating it is when someone wastes a bunch of your time when they could have told what you needed to know in the first 10 seconds...

    finish up by asking them for their business "address of record", and when they refuse, inform them that telemarketers are required by federal law to provide a physical address where the business is located (ie: PO box or drop centers don't qualify) they must provide the "Address of Record" as it is on their articles of Incorporation or LLP or LLC in the state their company is based... ... providing just a PO Box or drop center address (like a "mail boxes ect") doesn't cut it,  anything less than an actual, physical address where business is conducted is a violation in and of itself.. just that and the Robo-Call makes 2 offenses.... then when they lie stating "because you recently shopped at one of their partner stores" they are offering you a "reward", that's a 3rd offense,... then, just the attempt to obtain access to your finances in an attempt to mislead and defraud you is a 4th offense... and if you're already registered on your states, and/or the federal do not call lists, that makes the 5th offense

    that's 5 FTC regulatory offenses... 5 FCC offenses, and depending on your jurisdiction and/or the telemarketers, at least 2, and as many as 10 CRIMINAL offenses

    only way to stop these crooks is go after them... record the calls if you can... keep a record of the call (download call logs from your phone, or from phone service provider and save all the telemarketer and scam callers date, times of calls... a simple phone call and email to your states Attorney Generals office WILL get action... especially if more than one person reports the same scam, same telemarketers, same phone numbers.... YOU CAN'T sit back and ignore the calls AND HOPE SOMEONE ELSE DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT.... YOU NEED TO DO YOUR PART TOO... TAKE THE 10 LOUSY MINUTES IT TAKES TO LOOK UP YOUR STATES ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE PHONE NUMBER AND MAKE A QUICK CALL TO REPORT YOU'VE GOTTEN MULTIPLE CALLS IN VIOLATION OF A MYRIAD OF LAWS AND REGULATIONS... then ask them for an e-mail address to send all your pertinent call logs with the ph numbers and dates/times they called and add in any helpful notes for each number like what they were selling or trying to get from you ect....

    IF YOU, YEAH YOU reading this don't do it... then don't whine when you keep getting annoying calls or cry about how "the do not call list doesn't work" wahhhhhh.... a few minutes of your time a few times will make all the difference
    • Caller: SCAM TMer
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Libby D replies to It's a SCAM
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    I absolutely love the idea, and I am impressed that you know enough  information to put it out there like that too. I DO! I would even advise folks to print your post and use it when such calls come in [I'd never remember it otherwise].

    However, are you NOT aware that these idiots will [and do} just get a new number to call from? They can do this so easily probably 1000 times over. Therefore, sadly enough, all this "fun" work you sorta implied would only be 10 minutes of my time would be for naught! :(

    I've been involved in a popular scam this year and was 85% convinced it was NOT a scam. I happen to KNOW that "they" can get different numbers at the drop of a hat. They're REALLY GOOD at what they do. Not everyone knows what you know so yes, many many many people get taken for a ride.

    I would not say anyone is "whining" about anything either. If one wonders where this number is from, they can type it right into the address bar to search for it. Then they get to this site and see that others have reported the same number. REPORTING it is not whining; it's doing what you can to hopefully stop the scammers. I ASSUME that the phone companies [?] have far better methods to address this sort of problem, but as you know, IT AIN'T WORKIN"!!! :( :( :(

    Seein as how my relationship with the scammer *I* was dealing with for 7 months has abruptly ended, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the last 5 unrecognized numbers were in some way connected to that person. It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid they think you are, but then again, they ARE pros at this little game, and I'm willing to bet they are hugely rewarded for their efforts.

    Ignorance of such scams is more likely the cause of folks falling for them than being stupid - if your motive for saying all that you did is truly to HELP people avoid them, calling us idiots and stupid isn't exactly the best way to accomplish that. ---just sayin--- I'm an educated woman with 30+ years' of life experiences, and I was still more than a little involved. I never sent any $ - I have none to SEND. And, yes, common sense helps a LOT... like, DON'T SHARE ANY PERSONAL, PRIVATE DATA WITH THEM!  In the end, this person was desperate to obtain access to information in my computer. Like I'm foolish enough to do THAT! I've changed my passwords multiple times JUST IN CASE I was being scammed.

    Now, I would have to say don't be gullible. Don't  share credit card information, bank information, or even your specific location in your state. But I wouldn't say you're straight up stupid. :) Thanks for all the rest of your advice, though I wish it would actually matter. These peeps have been scamming and training MORE scammers for decades. We have to be SURE we are protecting our information ALWAYS. By all means, REPORT the numbers - I suppose if 1000s of people did so all the time, perhaps it would put a big enough dent in their profits that they would stop. More likely, they would devise a new scam. :(
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    Libby D replies to Libby D
    OH! And GET EDUCATED on scams in GENERAL even. Google popular scams, and I guarantee you enough sources will result to keep you "learning" for a good YEAR! The more awareness, the less likely people will fall for such things. Of course, it will still happen cuz some of us are DIE HARD optimists and prefer to believe the BEST of everyone. ---sigh--- Unfortunately, caution and common sense are typically LOST in that endeavor and the scammers KNOW IT!
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    Got a call. No message left.
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    Duh replies to It's a SCAM
    Why would I mimic you and give them my time?

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