Country: USA
512 area code: Texas (Austin)
Report a phone call from 512-596-0634 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Fundraising for breast cancer.
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    Susan replies to Janie
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    BCRSF is a scam nonprofit
    http://newtoseattle.wordpress.com/2013/05/28 ... ious-hat-trick/
    As I see it, according to IRS tax return filings for 2011, the latest available year, by Community Charity Advancement, BCRSF’s legal name, the charity spent none of the nearly $2.2 million in cash raised on what I consider its stated charitable mission. (You can download all the federal filings I mention from this New York State government page.) A big reason is that 87 cents of every dollar raised–nearly $1.9 million–went to BCRSF’s fundraiser, a company identified as Courtesy Call of–yep–Las Vegas. The other $300,000 went mainly to outside contracted management and certain overhead. (I am using round numbers.)
    • Caller: BCRSF (scam nonprofit)
    • Call type: Non-profit organization
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    Asked for Elizabeth. When I said you have the wrong number share said - oh maybe you can help me.  I knew immediately from there this was a scam. She wasn't looking for Elizabeth. Started in about breast cancer foundation .... I hung
    Up on her and blocked the number.

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