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The ACC is just one of Asia s most anticipated events attended by industry leaders in wholesale fixed and cellular carriers, for example networks providers, retail services and service providers, industry communication and ICT service providers and enablers, and organizations from the venture marketplace.
Carrier Neighborhood is coordinating its 6th Annual Singapore 20-16 GCCM, on 30th 31st might 20-16 in The Fullerton Hotel. Team Obtain A Phone will probably soon be attending the function to set up new method of trading and to help grow present ventures. Receive a phone had previously attended Singapore 2015 GCCM and'd obtained satisfying read more about team G-C all place to wait GCCM Singapore 20-16.
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Country: USA
410 area code: Maryland (Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia)
Report a phone call from 410-900-1658 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Answering machine picked up -- no message left.
    • Caller: T NAME
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    Quick Brown Fox
    | 1 reply
    A call from this Baltimore landline arrived today.  When the call rolled to voice mail, there was an "important message" from "Heather from Account Services."  This is a well-known credit card scam that should fool no one.  These crooks specialize in wallettechtomy -- surgical removal of the wallet.  Stop these creeps at the source. Let your answering machine take their pathetic calls.
    • Caller: Robocaller / Heather from Account Services / credit card scam
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Naa replies to Quick Brown Fox
    Just got a call today - didn't answer. Thank you for the advice!
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    The prompt says you can lower your credit card debt is this a scam?????
    • Caller: 410 900 1658
  • +1
    Karen Johnson
    No message, did not answer caller Id shows T Name, also called from 619-363-9185 with T Name, on Do Not Call List and obviously block list not working.
    • Caller: T Name
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    Yeah just called didn't answer,  called back and line is no good.... Real idiots!
    • Caller: No name
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    WE CAN HELP  ????
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Same as many of you:  Caller ID displayed T NAME.  I did not answer the call, it went to voicemail, no message was left.  When I reviewed my call history, it showed a missed call from T NAME in Baltimore, MD from (410) 900-1658.  I called the number and immediately got a recording stating that if I wanted to be removed from their call list, to dial 9 and when you dial 9, another recording stating it can take up to 72 hours to process removal of your number from their list, then it hangs up on you.  I get these calls (from different numbers) sometimes multiple times a day, but generally at least once a week.  Tried putting my name on the 'Do-Not-Call' list but it obviously doesn't work.
    • Caller: (410) 900-1658 | T NAME | Baltimore, MD
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    Got a call from 410-900-1658 did not answer.  There was a voice message; to call a 1-877.... number for a retard scam debt collection.. The only problem is... I pay my bills on time!  these folks are completely out of their minds!
    • Caller: 410-900-1658
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    Got a call from this number and looked suspcious. So did not answer. Never answer unknown numbers.
    • Caller: Not sure
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    Missed a call from 410-900-1658. No message was left. I called number back. Got a recording that number is no longer in service. What is scary it listed Maryland as the place call came from, since that is where social security payment center is located and I'm currently awaiting payment of back pay ss.
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    Received a call didn't answer glad to have this site to look up unknown numbers
    • Caller: ?
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    Called and said he was part of an anti-Muslim group, that they were descendants of a girl named Aisha who at the age of nine was forced to marry Muhammad or her entire family would be murdered.  That him and the rest of her descendants have sworn revenge for over a 1000 years of rape and murder of innocent kids that Allah promises his followers as gifts. I was shocked and hung up, but am sooo willing to donate to ANYONE that wants to stop the rape and murder that Allah teaches, I had no Idea! He gave me passages to look up in the Koran and it's RIGHT THERE!  Just 9 years old, that poor child. How can the government let these murdering pedophiles in our country????

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