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Carrier Neighborhood is coordinating its 6th Annual Singapore 20-16 GCCM, on 30th 31st might 20-16 in The Fullerton Hotel. Team Obtain A Phone will probably soon be attending the function to set up new method of trading and to help grow present ventures. Receive a phone had previously attended Singapore 2015 GCCM and'd obtained satisfying read more about team G-C all place to wait GCCM Singapore 20-16.
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Country: USA
410 area code: Maryland (Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia)
Report a phone call from 410-317-4370 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    | 2 replies
    A woman called telling me I had won A sweepstakes.  She asked the spelling of my name.  I responded,  I will call you back.  She said she would call me back. End of call.
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    Jennifer replies to Jackie
    Thank you Jackie for that post. I just ignored a call from that # and they didn't leave a voice mail and I was about to call it back but I checked online for who the # was. Thank you for the info!!
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    Got a call from this number yesterday while I was at work. Obviously, I didn't answer it and they didn't leave a voicemail either. And I just got a call from a blocked number. Probably the same people again.
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    This phone number just called me again and they were talking about a company called publisher services.
    • Caller: Publisher services
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    Same here and didn't leave a message
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    Who ever is calling from this number won't stop!! It feels like harassment.
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    Lorie B
    I got this same call about a sweepstakes. We got disconnected and i tried calli g back and it does nothing. It doesnt ring, no voicemail, just dead air.
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    Diane Stahl
    I've received two calls from this # today...didn't answer....they don't leave a voicemail...when they called me last week I asked them to remove my # from their call list...obviously they haven't.
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    This number called me twice! No message, I don't pick up unknown numbers, it was 410-317-4370.
    • Caller: 410-317-4370
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    Called my cell phone today - Did not leave a voice mail
    • Caller: (410) 317-4370
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    I just blocked them on my cell.  Never leaves a message and calls every hour!
    • Caller: 410-317-4370
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    shelby replies to Jackie
    same thing a woman called and said that I had been entered to win 1 million dollars.. I said I don't recall entering sweepstakes and she hung up. I only answered because I do business in the area the call came from.. Why do people do this..
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    Have gotten calls from this number and the caller ID is showing a company called Washington Group.   I know of the company in the DC area.  But this is not from them.  I agree it may be a scam.
    • Caller: Washington Group

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