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Report a phone call from 353-01-706-1200 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Got a call from this number this evening. Have tried to call back several times but getting a constant beeping unlike an engaged tone more like the number does not accept calls in.
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    S from Dublin
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    Had a missed call from this number today and when I called back the same thing happened, engaged.
    Very weird...
    Would like to know who and how they got my number??
    • Caller: unknown
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    TOK replies to S from Dublin
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    I received a missed call from this number yesterday, tried to call back, number engaged and message on my mobile "network busy".   Anyone any idea where these calls are originating from?
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    cathrina replies to TOK
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    Toall that get a call from 01 7061200, it is a scam.  Do not under any circumstances, talk to these people and do not let them access to your computer.  If in doubt try putting that number into google and look under what it says on boards.ie about it.
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    Survey about health activities and social standing. Did not give any personal details despite requests.
    • Caller: M......
    • Call type: Survey
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    guest replies to cathrina
    just took a call from this number, its a survey company. probably legitimate but obviously dont disclose any personal details just in case
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    (01) 706 1200 woman's voice claiming she was looking for a 'Damien Bourke'
    • Caller: (01) 706 1200
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    I get these at all hours of the morning, a automated voice at the other end says "Thank you for your call, goodbye" and then I hear a jingle and it disconnects.

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    Def a scam getting these repeatably fake pc maintenance ... Ignore or waste their time lol
    • Caller: Pc doctor or windows tech support
    • Call type: Prank
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    got the same call from same number ... i answered and they hung up immediatly without a sound... havnt tried calling back.. it could be an automated marketing system verifying irish mobile numbers are real and what times people are available to answer calls...
    • Caller: dont know
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    Niamh Coveney
    Had a missed call from this number today. Don't know how they got my number. Wasn't sure who it was until I googled it and saw that apparently it's a scam.
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    Just c a missed call from this number, was wondering who it was so googled it and seems to be a scam
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    I got a call today 10th Dec 12 from 01 706 1200 and it is beep beep beep when called.    Thanks for this heads up on the number.
    • Caller: 01 706 1200
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    pat replies to Tom
    I had a missed call today from the number as with all the other posts no answer to number. their fone is set up id say to make calls only and their phone line has incoming calls barred on it. this is definitely a problem the should be sorted by the phone company, the Gardai and Comreg
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    Got a call from this number to my 0851 Meteor about 16.15 on 26.01. Didn't answer it.
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    Very annoying calls from this number. No one answers when I pick up and no ring tone when I ring back.
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    this 017061200 number keeps ringign me its now about two or three times a day i dont answer but i try to ring back and nothign?
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    Frank replies to rachel
    Can anyone recommend a landline phone that has lets you select "silent" for calls from certain numbers? It's the only way to avoid these and other shysters.
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    got call on my land line, claiming to be some company wanting to talk about my O2 buisness account funny thing is i dont use O2 !!! tried to call back and its unobtainable !!!
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    I received a call to my 087 mobile yesterday. I answered the call and was greeted by a female. She claimed she was from MRBI asking if I could take part in a survey. I refused and hung up.

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