Country: USA
208 area code: Idaho (Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello)
Report a phone call from 208-917-9091 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Hung up when Answered
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    Asked for my dad. Said there was no message and hung up.
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    I did not answer, no message left.
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    it's american disabled veterans foundation. don't think it's government.
    • Caller: american disabled veterans foundation
    • Call type: Political call
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    HRanon replies to anon
    That's what they told me too and it sounded like I was talking to a real person, but I'm pretty it was just a really good recording, especially when I was passed onto the next guy to get my information. I said "um" instead of yes or know and it continued on like I had properly answered the question, so I hung up. I've nearly been scammed over the phone before so I am overly cautious about it. We have a disabled vet in our family so we help out in our own ways.
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    Really good recording soliciting for American Disabled Veterans Foundation.  I think it is a scam.  My number is in the national do not call list and would think if it was government they would recognize not to solicit me.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Hung up when I answered
    • Caller: NA
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    Me replies to Jim
    These scammers are getting exstremly anoying.
    When 85% of the calls you get are spam it's definitely a problem.
    I've thought about changing my number but that's only a temporary fix

    Something needs to be done
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    Called and ask for the man or woman of the house.  I told him they were on vacation and he hung up.
    • Caller: ?????
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    Another unwanted call. I'm getting a lot of these lately.
    • Caller: Don't know

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