Country: USA
206 area code: Washington (Seattle)
Report a phone call from 206-204-9680 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Someone called giving me a "case number" and telling me to have my lawyer contact them. Called back, rang and rang, then dead air.
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    Kate replies to kate
    Checked another board and it's an IRS scam:
    Total scam.  Originates in either India or Pakistan.   Block and ignore.   DO NOT RETURN THE CALL!
    See:  http://irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-Reiterate ..
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    Fake IRS trying to smam you
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    Caller said they eyes worn IRS & there was criminal Charges against us for not paying taxes.  SCAM!
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    Fed Up
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    Call was a recorded voice saying The call was in reference to a law suite. Left a case number and this phone number that I, or my lawyer, needed to call.
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    Got the same message with the same phone #. I called back and asked the guy with Indian accent: " When the last time you were in  prison "
    He immediately hang up.
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    Ellie replies to Fed Up
    I received call on 03/30/2016. Sounded like a recording.  Says you have a criminal charge against you. Gave case number and 206-204-9680 to call.
    Said you must call or have my lawyer call.  I called back on a different phone, blocked my number (*67). The  phone rang, rang, rang, no answer. I hung up.

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