Country: Egypt
2 area code: Cairo
Report a phone call from 20-2-0000-0023 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    I got a call today from this number,listened a few seconds, hung up
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    "May I speak with .... I am calling for the US Government"
    Who is this, and why is Egypt showing up on my caller ID after your number? (silence) Again who are you with? (silence) [Then they just hung up on me]. FRAUD!!!!! ANNOYING"
    • Caller: +200 2 0000 0023 Egypt
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    May I speak with.....then proceded to say they were with the Irs and that the government was offering a one time free money for school loan forgiveness....I really couldn't understand what she was saying as heavy accent when I started to say something she hung up.
    • Caller: 20200000023
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    I had 2 missed calls from the numbwr within the same minute left a voicemail but no longer than a split second and hung up
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    from Cairo - Egypt.   Other report this is IRS spam.  I don't anwer what I can't recognize.
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    Received a call and did not answer the call as it showed up as coming from Egypt!  I do not know anyone in Egypt!  I am sure this was a fraudulent call as I had just received a call a few minutes earlier out of Los Angeles, Ca stating that it was the I R S!  I had called back and left them a message that I would report them for harassment if they called back.  That number is 213-336-3234....be aware there are scams!
    • Caller: Scam
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    Ben replies to Pete
    The same thing just happen to me.
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    Called me. Didn't leave a message.
    • Caller: Did not leave a message
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    They didn't say anything and just hangs up after 6 seconds.
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    Called 3x's today, didn't leave a message. Don't know anyone in Egypt so I'm not worried about. From the comments above this is a scam...
    • Caller: 20 2 0000 0023
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    Received six calls from this number today. Answered the phone one of the times and nobody there just silence. Very annoying
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    Ridiculous... why are we all getting these calls???? makes one wonder whats next.
    • Caller: 20-2-0000-0023
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    Had called me several times in the last 3 days.  I haven't answered.
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    Called me numerous times from US government grant dept, asked them to remove my number and they told me to F$&@ Off and said I would continue to get calls. Can't report them to State Attorney Office since they use fake numbers. Really ticks me off.
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    Four (purposely) missed calls from this number in 20 hours. They must be desperate to find dumb Americans.
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    Called twice today. I rejected calls
    • Caller: +20 2 00000023
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    This is a disturbing call that hangs up when you answer
    • Caller: Egypt
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    Calling about free grant money  then disconnected has called  several times
    • Call type: Text message
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    Didn't answer this call from Egypt but noticed I'm not the only one receiving it.  How did they get my number that I seldom give?
    Caller is:  20 2 000 0023  Right after, I received a call from the USA  1 023  I didnt' answer that one either.
    • Caller: 20 2 000 0023
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    This number just came up on my phone. Blocked it right awsy
    • Caller: Egypt

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