Report a phone call from 1333 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Caller id said:  out of Area phone number :  1333, it was 3;16 am  California time  did not pick up .
    • Caller: out of area
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    Got a call at 3:25 am from I'd 1333 out of area, answer and no answer from caller
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    received several calls from +1333, over the course of a few hours, i did not answer.
    • Caller: no name
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    I've gotten three calls from them so far. Two at night passed 2am and one this afternoon. I picked up twice for less than 10s (to avoid tracing my location) without an answer from the other end of the line.
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    Received a call from 1333 at 3:11 AM PST.  The person calling had an Indian accent and told me he was from Microsoft Technical Support.  As this was unlikely (3AM) I hung up.  Obvious telemarketer.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    I was sleeping when I got the call from 1333. It was 1:30 Am in California when I got it so I was scared to pick up. I would suggest to not pick up because they can trace the location of the call.
    • Caller: 1333
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    Received a call this morning @ 2:10am California time. Seemed wierd so I didn't answer.
    • Caller: +1333
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    Randy replies to Annie
    Yes, this number showed up on my caller I.D. at 2:30 am.

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