Report a phone call from 01392 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    This area code is for Exeter.  Do you know anyone there, or done any business?
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    puzzled replies to Andy
    I keep getting this up on my mobile also... no other number just the '01392' its driving me nuts.... any ideas anyone.
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    I too keep receiving calls from this number - no idea who it is, but VERY cross as I am registered with TPS
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    Marie replies to Chniny
    I too get phone calls from this number and I'm registered with TPS too. Usually ring me around 17.45pm but today they rang me at 14.10pm. I NEVER answer it.
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    I also keep getting this number calling on landline and mobile. They quote a name I haven't used for over 14 years
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    Got a call today at 13:34pm. They rang and rang. No idea who or what they are selling.
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    Sandra Rohomon
    Fed up with these calls,I am also registered with TPS,what do I have to do to stop these nuisance calls,thought by registering  with TPS they would stop.....but no they just keep on!
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    Mike Traynor
    No message I never answer but Ian sick of them calling all I can read on the phone is 01932 no other part to the number
    • Caller: 01932
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    Steve Copus
    Has tried calling me twice today on my landline which is supposed to be unlisted. Haven't answered it and won't
    • Caller: ?
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    Mike Ridgeway
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    This number has tried calling my mobile twice today. I answered the second call without thinking but there was no one on the other end...Fishy to say the least ;(
    • Caller: 01392
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    Annoyed Recipient
    PPI claims - hard pressure tactics. Warning - the company is run by an ex-con who has been convicted of fraud in the past. Avoid company, block number - don't talk to them.
    • Caller: Fraud PPI claim company
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    bully beef
    Does anyone know how to find out the address of the place this number in registered to? As I would like to pay them a personal visit.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Called this number back, came through to automated message, saying it was dch and that it was a courtesy call and not to worry. :-/
    • Caller: Dch
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    Ellie replies to Mike Ridgeway
    This has just happened to me in my office.
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    J R
    Every morning,  afternoon  and evening  don't stop calling! THIS COMPANY OR PERSONAL REALLY SICK. .DON'T  answer but still continue attack with call about mont!
    • Caller: 01392
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    This is my landlords head office, Exeter.

    Housing Association/Social Housing

    DCH - Devon and Cornwall Housing

    Courtesy Call

    • Caller: Devon & Cornwall Housing (DCH)
    • Call type: Non-profit organization
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    Same thing just happened to me Exeter,posh spoken person called "penny" sounded computerised! Said they were dch asking for a quick survey I said no and hung up,my dch lady is ang and I speak to her regularly!dodgy!
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    ShaVerZ replies to carlosb
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    It is 100% Devon & Cornwall Housing.

    The survey in question is to rate the service received when you telephoned one of the Customer Service Lines or Repairs Line, nothing dodgy about it.

    You can opt-out of these calls by letting them know...

    Hope this helps :)
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    ShaVerZ replies to ShaVerZ
    Oh! This wouldn't be your Housing Officer Ang, she would be local to you. As I said, just a courtesy call asking three questions about the service received.

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    Pete Greenough
    One a day from 01392 971996

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