Report a phone call from 01324963600 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    ComplaingOldGit replies to Clare
    every time they call on this number I go on the KwikFit web site 'contact us' and send a complaint

    why not all do it ;-)
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    Some woman in tacoma keeps calling me and hanging up.or she'll listen while im saying hello, and not speak. I want to know who this is..
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    Chris Sheridan
    Kwikfit insurance. Won't give up
    • Caller: Kwikfit insurance
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    They've called me twice today already (01324 963600). When it's answered there's nobody there. 10 seconds later it goes dead. NUISANCE!!!!

    • Caller: No Idea
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    Kay Harrison
    Just had a call from them a few minutes ago.. grrrrrrrrrrrr Kwik fit car insurance. Annoying they are.
    • Caller: Kwik fit
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    had 4 calls: after 8am after 10am after 3pm and after 7pm

    did they have no better think to do? Its so many rubbish outside...

    if you wanna call me again please call after 10pm coz from 6am til 10pm I'm at f*ckin WORK!!!
    • Caller: kwik fit
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    Kwik fit car insurance, I asked for a quote a year ago, and they called me asking if i wanted to "renew my car insurance" I was confused since I could not understand how come I had to renew, and instead of explaining why they were calling, they said goodbye and that was it...
    • Caller: Kwik fit car insurance
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    annoyed.com replies to Clare
    Keep ringing and becoming very annoying.  I thought we got over all these nuisance cold calling fools!
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    Kwik fit car insurance - idiots!
    • Caller: Kwik Fit
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    KwikFit Insurance.

    Gave them my landline number last year when I had my car MOT'd - they asked me at the time when my insurance was due, didn't think anything of it.

    When I told the girl I was TPS Registered she told me that didn't mean anything because I was "an existing customer"!!!

    I've filed a report with TPS.
    • Caller: KwikFit Insurance
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Old Mother Riley replies to Guest1000
    Waste of time filing that report.    
    You willingly gave them your number.    
    You are an existing customer.    
    You gave KwikFit the right to call you by your own actions.        
    You need to contact KwikFit direct and ask them to remove your details from their records.        
    And....... only give your number to people you actually want to receive calls from..............
    Or..... If you must give out your number tell any such business that under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act you do not wish it to be used for Sales or Marketing calls or to be passed to any Third Party.
    TPS cannot protect you when you give away your personal information of your own free will.
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    Dave replies to Ian
    got a call from 01324 963 600  -  the tele-agent asked for a Terence  Keeley or Freely.   Weird, we think they mixed up their database details somehow eg: wrong name to wrong number,  or they miss-dialled.

    Or could be an auto-dialler software in action.   .
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    paddy mclellan
    This number has called me twice each for the past week
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    George Derrick
    Please stop calling me every day
    • Caller: Kiwi fix insurance
    • Call type: Event reminder
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    Been calling me for weeks, on my home & mobile numbers. They even phoned me when I spent a few days in hospital- I asked them not to call back but they keep trying!! Put me off using them!!
    • Caller: Kwik Fit
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Lady Hailey
    The called this morning asking for Brian May 12th October 2013 at @9.20am.  I said David Bowie doesn't live here anymore and put the phone down.  This call came on our business line so not happy
    • Caller: Kwik Fit insurance
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    Hugh Jarce
    Lady called - told her I was not hands free (I was) and was driving - No Problem she said - if you hang on this will only take a couple of minutes - from Kwik Fit Insurance - that says it all - would never use them
    • Caller: KwikFit
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    kwik-fit cold call,i will not buy any thing from them.
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    I have been pestered with this number for days.I never answer it as I do not recognize the number.I am ex directory so what gives them the right to keep phoning?
    • Caller: ?
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    Old Mother Riley
    Being ex-directory means nothing more than that your number will not appear in the telephone directory.      Have you registered with TPS.      Despite the frequent moans on here TPS does reduce the number of calls received.

    As for having the right to phone.........NO, they do not have that.    Until our MPs pass legislation to stop nuisance calls the they will continue.       Tell your MP what you want.

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