Report a phone call from 01225 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    called on unlisted internet only dedicated number persistently. on calling the number back, unintelligible voices and electronic sounds.
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    sorry new to this site, seems I cannot edit post.  full number is
    01225 807 976.
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    Sounds like an alarm system or similar calling the wrong number??
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    Hi, I just received a call from '01225' (literally, I dialed 1471 and that's the number I got!) but they didn't even ask for me...which brings me to my bizzar question which I know isn't exactly what this site is designed for but thought it would be worth asking....
    Since having my phone line connected I've received numerous calls asking for Mrs M_____, it wouldn't be so bad if it was the odd "sorry wrong number" for different people but its the same name being asked for by different companies several times a week. myself and my partner have tried explaining that there is nobody by that name at this number/address and to remove the number from their database but it doesn't seem to work. More recently we actually had a message on our answer machine from a local Specsavers saying that Mrs M's appointment had to be canceled at short notice which has started to make me think there is a little old lady somewhere with a similar number to ours giving the wrong one out everywhere she goes...I don't suppose anybody knows if there is anything that can be done about it?  Its pretty annoying now!! xx
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    Called on 20-12-2011 at 15:52, didn't pick it up as it's an unusual number.
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    Two calls today.....on pick up phone clicked and went dead!!
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    Kevin Sellwood
    Repeated calls impossible to understand the foreign voice. Phone put down at other end when I asked person to identify company and why I am being called
    • Caller: ????
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    Just received call from 01225 7666466 - A man called Peter with the strongest Indian accent was very aggressive and said he was calling as there was a problem with my computer. I told him I had no computer/laptop and he demanded to know who else in my home was using a computer. I told him never to call me again. What concerns me about these calls is the vulnerable people who will either do as asked or get scared
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    I got three calls from 01225766466 today while I was out. Tried to call back but the number doesn't exist. Luckily I was not there to answer or the person on the other end would have been told in no uncertain terms where to go. I do not have a computer problem and my telephone number is not listed. They must be dialling random numbers in the hope that they a) get someone to answer and b) manage to con them.
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    Dialling code locator for this number shows that 01225 766.... is not allocated to BT but the location of 01225 with BT is Bath, Bradford-upon-Avon.  I rec'd one call last week, a very aggressive, intimidating and rude caller demanding info about "the computer in your house, and who is the owner" I strung the caller along with nonsense until I asked her name at which point she hung-up.
    Two more calls today, on 1st I stayed silent and caller hung-up, on 2nd I spoke and it sounded like the same person as last week, I asked for her name, DoB, and the address of the company she worked for, she hung-up before I finished the question.
    Very annoying as my number is ex-directory and TPS. They are pretty stupid because they don't inhibit their number being shown.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
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    Mr Tambourine Man
    I was called today from 01225 766466 by an Indian man with an allegedly Anglo-Saxon Christian name.  He told me he was phoning from the UK Windows department based in Leicester.  He told me that my computer has been hacked and used for various illegal purposes.   He asked me to turn it on so that he could deal with it.     This is of course a scam; I frequently get calls from Indians purporting to be from Windows 'technical department' (or similar) telling me the same thing - the only difference here being the number was actually given instead of being 'number withheld'.    Needless to say I told him to ........ off but from previous experience it won't stop these persons from trying again.
    • Caller: claimed to be Microsoft Windows
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    I have received two calls from 01225 282067. (I blocked caller on my phone but they still came back - probably changed a digit?)   On both occasions, there is an Asian woman's voice asking to speak to Amanda Evans. I said I was not A Evans and that they had the wrong number. The caller then proceeded to say "well I wonder if you can help me"  to which I replied, you have asked to speak to Amanda Evans, I am not that person therefore I can't help you. I then hung up!
    • Caller: dont know
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    Same issue as per all of the above with phone # 01225 282 029
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    dn26 replies to Carlo
    same here
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    This number called my mobile today, as soon as I answered they hung up. Will be adding to my blocked list!
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    Dave Pistoff
    Many different numbers on this code. They never leave a message. They never answer if you pick up. Look up the numbers - usual broken computer scam.
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    Aly Faz
    At least 11 times this number has called today I am registered with tps why can these companies still bother us 😡😡
    • Caller: 01225

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