Report a phone call from 00000000 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    called several times would like them to stop calling
    • Caller: 000000000
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    Which country has 00000000 as a phone number?
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    Has called several times, each time with an automated female voice informing me that they have important information about my credit card interest rates. They give you the option of either speaking to a rep or being removed from the calling list. The latter option does not work, they call back twice more and after the third time they stop for approx a month. Then call back.

    No effort is made to identify what credit company they are calling from.
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    This is also a "you have won a cruise" spam. My phone company says it is an overseas spoofed number.
    • Caller: cruise winner
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    Just had one of these for the first time, when I saw just eight zeroes on my caller ID I began to suspect it was broken.

    Just what we need, callers hacking fake numbers.
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    ditto.  just rang twice, dont really want to answer dodgy number to be honest but judging by the 4 month gap perhaps they're starting up again
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    first time i have recieved a call from this number but have had the same company try and call before.
    Indian sounding man wanted to speak to the homeowner. i asked who was calling he said they were from money management.
    i told him i had already asked to be removed from there list.  
    He said but this is the first time i have called.
    i said no it isn't, it might not of been you as a person, but it was your company.
    he said which company was it, so i said the one you told me.
    he started laughing, so i said look i don't want a loan, and i don't have any debts.
    so he just said thankyou and hungup
    • Caller: money management
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    First time this number has rang me. Strange number!! Missed the call so looked on here to see who it was from. I am keeping a written record of all calls like this from several numbers (4 different ones now) and will be logging a complaint...when I find out who to log it to!!
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    Several calls in one day from "Money management" demanded to speak to a manager afetr being told that this was not possible. Got put through to someone else - probably friend next to him who agreed to take my details off their system. I confirmed that the call was recorded at both ends and I'll wait and see.
    Used to get these a couple of months ago but a different no.
    • Caller: Money Management
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    I keep getting calls from money management too, and from 00000000.  they really annoy me.
    • Caller: Money management
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    Just got a call from this 00000000 number, they hung up.  I have also had a lot of calls from money manager, is it a coincidence?  I have told them for a year I am not interested, even just hanging up doesnt work.
    • Caller: unknown
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    > Called.
    > Asked for Mr. O'Brian(?)
    Told them that's not me
    > Asked to speak to house owner
    Asked why
    > Hung up.

    Obviously phone spam since when my answering machine picks up, their auto-dailer disconnects immediately. Too bad the cowards fake their Caller ID.

    My number is listed with the TPS.
    • Caller: Unknown
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    got called 3 times to day from them, but they did not leave any message on the a/p
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    Have been getting calls from this number daily for the last week or so. There is no voice at the other end so I hang up. No idea who's dialing but getting very annoying.
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    5 mins ago had call, no voice at the other end so hung up
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    We've had numerous calls over a two-month period from "Money Manager", sometimes asking for me, sometimes my husband, sometimes our son. They say it is about managing unsecured loans. Even though we have told them we don't have any unsecured debt and are not interested they keep phoning back - even when I have explicitly said don't call again. First they used the number 02030043199, then 00000000. And yes, the callers sound like they are from an Asian call centre.
    • Caller: Money Manager
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    00000000 called 2 times in a row this morning on my work phone and didn't leave a message either time.  I'm thinking about answering it next time and transferring them to the police department.  Can I do that?
    • Caller: ?
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    got a call from this number answered out of curiosity

    just cut off as soon as i picked up how f**king rude lol

    mind you rather it cut off than have someone wasting my time on a hoax call just the effort was too much to answer think i will ignore this number if it calls again :-)
    • Caller: muppets
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    go away
    wanted credit info.got funny when i asked why
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    Called three times in the space of an hour yesterday. Thought my display was broken too, as have never seen a "number" like this.

    I am ex-directory and TPS, so where they get everyone's number from is beyond me.

    Won't be answering, but will be logging frequency of calls, times etc.

    Thanks to this great site for the info!

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